1. Our attention span is now less than that of a goldfishHumans have become so obsessed with portable devices and overwhelmed by content that we now have attention spans shorter than that of the previously jokingly juxtaposed goldfish. In 2000 the average attention span was 12 seconds, but this has now fallen to just eight. The goldfish is believed to be able to maintain a solid nine. Awesome.

2. Find Out What Your Name Would be if You Were Born Today: An interesting Time Magazine tool tells you what your name would be if you were born today, and then all the way back to the 1890’s. Apparently I turned into a boy in the 20’s and 30’s?

  • Caitlin was the 44th most popular girl’s name in 1988 (the year I was born)
  • My name today would be: Claire
  • My 2000’s name is: Laura
  • My 1990’s name is: Paige
  • My 1980’s name is : Kathleen
  • My 1970’s name is: Carolyn
  • My 1960’s name is: Joan
  • My 1950’s name is: Lynn
  • My 1940’s name is: Rosemary
  • My 1930’s name is: Billie
  • My 1920’s name is: Willie
  • My 1910’s name is: Rosa
  • My 1900’s name is: Dora
  • My 1890’s name is: Sallie

3. Wells Fargo Tournament: This is one of our favorite weekends of the year and will be our 4th annual. We had just started dating the first year we went and had the best time. I look forward to this weekend just because all the great memories we make (and seeing Rory and Adam Scott isn’t too bad either…)



4.Unroll.Me: I have a secondary email that I use when buying things, subscribing to things, etc. because of all the emails that tend to flood your inbox after doing the aforementioned activities. My yahoo account now gets over 100 emails a day, mostly all junk. is the easiest way to manage your inbox. Unsubscribe from unwanted email subscriptions, discover new ones and organize them all in one place. AHHH!

5. Custom Wedding Dress: Not sure if I mentioned this in a previous post, but I am getting my wedding dress made by a custom dress maker. I went this week for my first fitting. We have a lot of tweaks to make, but it was so special for my mom and sister to be there. My sister won’t probably see the dress again until it’s final so I was glad she got to be there to see the first iteration. Things are finally starting to feel real!!!




It has been quite some time since I participated in this fun game…so here we go:

1. Kentucky Derby: Looking forward to celebrating our fourth Derby together. The first year unfortunately fell the day after Cinco de Mayo which might as well be Cinco de Hangover. I spent the entire day laid up on the couch betting (& barfing). Luckily my maturity has greatly increased since then as I try to become a classy & functioning part of society. Getting my own Jefferson Cups might have been the highlight of my 2013…This year we are having a few friends over and have some fun betting games planned {come on big money, momma needs some wedding money}. Which horse are you feeling lucky about?


2. Weekend at Home: Before last weekend we hadn’t had a weekend in town without something to do in 6 weeks. Scatter in work travel in between that and you get one homesick little CMH. This weekend we are in town with very few plans except for a few wedding appointments and I could not be any happier. Home is where the heart is.

3. Bad Daddy’s: Did you all see that Bad Daddy’s was sold to a Colorado-based restaurant group for $21 million?? Please just promise not to tinker with my tots and milkshake.

4. Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros: I started listening to this Pandora station after a suggestion from my hair dresser. I heard this song while driving back from Atlanta and can’t stop listening to it. Great station to listen to at work if you aren’t in a Hip Hop BBQ mood.

5. CharlotteFive: CharlotteFive is a the Charlotte version of The Skimm. Each morning at 7am CharlotteFive publishes the top 5 news and entertainment stories to get you up-to-date on all the QC happenings. You can visit their website or have their newsletter automatically delivered to your inbox. Great way to stay in-the-know.



Friday5 {Apps}


1. Timehop: Nostalgia is a hell of a drug, and no app delivers it better than Timehope. Each day, it will tell you what you were doing on social media on that day in years past. Old tweets, Facebook statuses, and photos for Throwback Thursday: they’re all here in an irresistible time capsule.


2. Groovebook: Groovebook is an app that prints up to 100 of your phone photos and creates a 4.5″ x 6.5″ photobook and mails it to you monthly. Photos are printed on glossy photo paper and are perforated for easy removal.Choose which photos and how many of each. Upload and receive your GrooveBook in the mail in about 10-12 days. Pay only $2.99 per book including shipping and handling.


3. Venmo: Send money instatntly, for free. Perfect for roommates, especially when yours currently lives in California (hey, Sam!)


4. NextDoor: Nextdoor is the private social network for you, your neighbors and your community. It’s the easiest way for you and your neighbors to talk online and make all of your lives better in the real world.

People are using Nextdoor to:

  • Quickly get the word out about a break-in
  • Organize a Neighborhood Watch Group
  • Track down a trustworthy babysitter
  • Find out who does the best paint job in town
  • Ask for help keeping an eye out for a lost dog
  • Find a new home for an outgrown bike
  • Finally call that nice man down the street by his first namegyft

5. Gyft: Lighten your wallet by uploading all your plastic gift cards in the Gyft app so they’re with you all the time. You can also send gift cards instantly to your friends via Facebook, text or e-mail. Perfect for last minute gift shopping!




These days, there’s an app for EVERYTHING. If money were no object, you wouldn’t actually have to leave your house. You can have someone come over to give you a manicure, ship a package, even deliver alcohol! It’s gotten a little nuts. Here’s a round-up of services you can get…

Shyp for sending packages. (No more post office lines!)

Instacart for groceries (Whole Foods, Costco, etc.)

Seamless for restaurant delivery.

Minibar for alcohol.

Good Eggs for farmer’s market goods.

UrbanStems or BloomThat for flower delivery.

Kitchensurfing for personal chefs.

Homepolish for interior decorating.

Washio for laundry and dry cleaning.

Priv for manicures and beauty treatments at home.

Glamsquad for blow outs at home.

Zeel or Soothe for at-home massages.

Handy for handymen and home cleaning.

TaskRabbit for random tasks.

Postmates for delivery of pretty much anything.



1. Touch Tonic for Gloves: Touch Tonic is a paint-on solution that you paint onto the tips of your gloves making them touchscreen capable. No more cutting off your tips or frost bite fingers to send that ever important Snapchat. They make a version for leather gloves and another for fleece gloves.


2. Key Smart: Do you walk around with a ring of keys that resembles a high school janitor? (cough cough: Mom!) Key Smart helps by combining all of your keys into one swiss army style key holder. One Key Smart key organizer can fit up to 100 keys and they offer different colors and add-ons for USBs, pocket clips and bottle openers.

Product Photography of KeySMart taken at Studio on April 04, 2014.

3. Knockoff Clarisonic Replacement Brush Heads: They say you should replace your Clarisonic brush every 3 months. By “every 3 months” they really mean every year and a half, right?? At $27 a pop, I surely don’t have an extra $100 a year to be buying these. Thankfully, Taylor at Its The Little Things blogged about these knockoff replacement heads that you can buy on Amazon. I was skeptical at first, but all the reviews say they are as good as the real deal. And at $1.25 a piece, I’m willing to take the chance!

77b468923c70a902424a73e2d8981cc1 (1)

4. 52 week money challenge: Yesterday I mentioned that I used the 52-week money challenge to save almost $1,400 for our trip to Mexico. This is such a great way to save extra money, and the most you’re putting in is $52, which is totally doable. My friend Kathleen at Gratefully Golden had a great idea to do this challenge, but in reverse. That way, you’re putting the most money in at the beginning of January when you’re likely to have more mulah thanks to Christmas (or birthdays!). If you haven’t started yet, no worries, you’re only $21 behind which is easy to make-up quickly.


5. Free Food: Don’t judge me, but I’ve gone to Chick-fil-a three times this week. On Tuesday they were giving away free Chicken Mini’s (and calories don’t count on your birthday) and then I’ve gone two other times to get a free Iced Vanilla Coffee. For the remainder of February, they are giving away a free cup of its new specialty-grade THRIVE Farmers coffee at all restaurant locations. Customers can pick up a 12 ounce (small) cup of hot coffee or a 16 ounce (medium) iced coffee throughout the month. Also, today at Menchie’s from 4-8 p.m. you can get a free frozen yogurt with toppings





1. Tablet Pillow: Please tell me I’m not the only one who turns their bed into a movie theater nightly? With almost all networks having an app now, and the option to watch all my favorite shows on demand, there really isn’t much need for cable anymore (sorry, NOT sorry Time Warner!). Most nights I find myself catching up on Housewives (and being stunned at Brandi’s appalling behavior) or trying to catch up on Homeland since I’m basically living in the early 1900’s since I’m still on Season 2. Anyways, I used to prop my iPad up on a pillow, or the dog, or my headboard or any surface really until my dad gifted me this fabulous tablet pillow. It has a pocket that holds the iPad and a pocket on the side for any accessories you may need to carry with you (headphones, remote, etc.). The best part? When you accidentally fall asleep you now roll over on a soft plush pillow and not the freezing cold metal of your tablet.

tablet pillow

2. American Sniper: I am not a movie person, AT ALL. I’ve seen one movie start to finish in the past 10 years. But for some reason, American Sniper has really caught my attention. I saw an interview with Chris Kyle and was hooked. He has 160 confirmed kills but its likely more around 255. The saddest part is that he was killed almost two years ago, but in Texas, not on the front line.  I’m sure it will be really intense, but looking forward to seeing it tonight.


3. Uber cutting prices in CLT: As if Uber was not already fantastic enough, they’ve now made themselves even cooler by reducing prices in 48 U.S. cities, including Charlotte! The price cut supposedly drives higher demand, which in turn drives more rides and more mulah for Uber. If you haven’t heard my sales pitch for Uber yet, you can read it here or here. I swear I should be an ambassador.

4. Uber rates YOU: While we’re talking Uber…I recently found out that your driver rates you after each ride too. This discovery sent me into an instant tailspin of worry wracking my brain to remember if I had ever been rude, too chatty, not chatty enough, etc. I finally got brave enough to ask my last driver, and the good news is that I’m proudly sporting a 5 star rating!

download (2)

5. Resolution, Schmesalution: I heard on the news that today is the day that most people have given up on their New Years Resolutions. I am on day 13 of Whole30 (will post more about this) and can say I’m still going strong. Have you fallen off the wagon yet?

Friday5 {Tailgating Essentials}

5 on Friday - logo option1

It has been an extremely long and painful 240 days (not that I’m counting) since Clowney came close to decapitating a Michigan football to when the Gamecocks finally took the field again last night to prove who the REAL Carolina is! Football season is finally upon us again! HALLELUJAH, PRAISE GOD!

1. Zyliss Paring Knife: This knife is awesome! So awesome that this little guy isn’t reserved just for football season; I keep it in my kitchen drawer year round. This pairing knife is super sharp and can cut pretty much anything. Its small size makes it easy to pack with all of your other tailgating essentials. It comes in a variety of fun colors (perhaps you can find one that matches your teams colors) and has a safety blade cover making it perfect for camping, picnics and tailgates. You can find these at Bed Bath & Beyond or Amazon for around $10 and make great gifts or even stocking stuffers!

2. Chill Out and About Cooling Tray Set: Tailgating in Columbia, SC must be similar to tailgating directly on the Sun or in the depths of Hell. It’s HOT. Make-up running down your face, hair sweat, drenched kind of hot. It’s not enjoyable and certainly does nothing to help your tailgate food that needs to be kept cool. The Chill Out About Cooling Tray Set is a must-have accessory. This simple design uses Tupperware-style containers to keep food at sufficiently low temperatures by filling the main container with ice and then placing the serving containers in the proper openings in the lid, you have a service station that’s just as good as any buffet and twice as easy to clean. This set is perfect for use with cold salads, dips, sauces, fruit, and any other dishes that are best served cold.  The containers are safe for refrigerator, freezer, microwave, and dishwasher.

3: Rolling Cooler: A cooler on wheels is essential when bebopping from tailgate to tailgate. I think this particular cooler is  the perfect size (big enough to carry many bottles of Andre). It also has wheels and a long handle which make it easy to carry from place to place.  It  includes shoulder straps if you prefer to carry it bookbag style. The inside is fully insulated and it is heat sealed to ensure a leak proof interior lining.  The cooler also provides a zipper pouch in the front, and two mesh pockets on the side to carry SOLO cups, wine bottle opener, etc.  By the looks of it,  apparently my Florida-Gator-of-a-boyfriend even approves!

4. Freedom Grill: This grill certainly will provide your trunk or truck bed the “freedom” to fit more in it. This grill  hooks to any 2” trailer hitch receiver and features a steel arm that swings out when you grill (keeping the fire away from your vehicle) and swings back in and locks securely in place when you go down the road. The company can also personalize your grill so you can rep your favorite team. The grill starts at $250.

5. Tailgate Tent & Appropriate Decor: Again, Columbia, SC is “famously hot” and so a tailgate tent is essential to provide shade. In the south, your tailgate tent is an extension of your home and should be decorated appropriately. It is not uncommon to see decorative rugs, sofas, recliners, and flat screen tv’s. Some go as far as to bring candelabras and floral arrangements to complete the set-up.  I stumbled upon an adorable website, Go Chic, that sells trendy and sassy tailgating accessories. Go Chic sells “Chic Chandeliers” that you can customize to match your school colors. The chandelier easily attaches to your tailgate tent and comes with an extra long cord that plugs into an extension cord. Perfect accessory to ensure your tailgate party lasts late into the night!


5 on Friday - logo option1

1.  Apple’s iPhone charger take-back program: Last month a lady in China was electrocuted and killed by her iPhone.  That’s like being killed by your best friend, bummer.  Apple believes the phone was plugged in to the charger, and the charger was likely counterfeit. In a somewhat genius move, through October 18, Apple is offering to take back any iPhone, iPod, or iPad chargers not made by Apple at its stores and authorized service providers, and in exchange will sell users an authentic Apple USB power adaptor for $10—half the usual price. Users will also have to bring in their Apple gadgets, each of which has a unique serial number, and will be limited to one discounted charger per device. This strategy is smart because Apple has 1) distanced itself from blame from any future fake charger disasters 2) making a profit on new chargers bought and 3) increased foot traffic to their stores. According to Asymco analyst horace Dediu, the company collected $57.50 in revenue per Apple store visitor in Q1.  Maybe it’s finally time to upgrade from that charger I bought out of desperation at the Citgo back in college?

2. My Amazing Blow Dry Secret: Um…amazing and secret is right! Who knew this product even existed? This company sells shampoo, conditioner, and a shake n’ spray product that claims to reduce your blow dry time in half. That’s right folks, half.  I don’t know much about chemistry (I thought atom was spelled adam until high school), but I do know that these products contain molecules that speed up the evaporation of water. Seems too good to be true, but all of the reviews I read said that it actually works. Each product retails for around $25 and I’m very tempted to purchase.


3. I’m not a big couponer; mainly because I don’t find it to be convenient to rifle through the non-existent Sunday paper I receive. My sister introduced me to You type your grocery list into a box, and then it returns any relevant coupons to items on your list.  Lozo searches hundreds of coupon sites at once, and will also email you new savings each week.

4. Microbrew Cruise at the National White Water Center: During the months of May-October, the White Water Center is offering a Microwbrew Cruise on almost every Wednesday and Friday evening. For $55, you take an hour and a half Flatwater paddle on the Catawba River. As the sun begins to set, you head back to shore for a chef-prepared, fire side dinner. Each cruise features a select craft brewery; representatives from the breweries lead the tastings by highlighting new, seasonal and unique brews. I think this would be a perfect date night.  There’s only ten more opportunities this season, so sign-up soon!


5. Quirky Sliders: Can you tell I really love the company Quirky? I’ve mentioned them here and here in previous Friday5’s and I’m back today with another great hit! With Labor Day right around the corner (boo hoo hoo!) we have a few more opportunities to pull the grill out. The nonslip rubber gasket of the Slider keeps your food securely in place while grilling, and easily slide the food off  the skewer when you’re ready to chow down. For $24.99 you get a set of four skewers, and also help support Tim Hayes in Lakewood, Ohio.


1. e.l.f. Essential Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil: e.l.f. is one of the most amazing make-up companies; partly because they have really great products, but also because they have even more amazing prices. I entered into that emergency zone where my eyeliner pencil had been whittled down so small that I could no longer pick it up, and without any time to run to the mall to get a replacement. I ventured over to Target and decided that for only $1 (yes, only ONE dollar) it was worth giving the e.l.f. brand a shot. I love their eyeliner so much, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to my expensive brand again. It has lasted me almost five months, glides on effortlessly, and comes with a sharpener on the lid. They have a line of brushes that are also ridiculously cheap, and are currently running a free shipping promo on orders over $25 with code SHIP25. I haven’t tried any of their other products, but am inclined to do so after my great experience with the eyeliner.

2. Trader Joe’s Sea Salt & Turbinado Sugar Chocolate Almonds: These might as well be called crack cocaine, because they are that addicting. My sister-in-law left me a container a few months back and they were gone in one day. I CRAVE these. I make special trips to Trader Joe’s just for them. The addiction has gotten so bad that I can only buy one container at a time to control myself from devouring multiple containers. On my last trip to TJ’s, I  was in such a rush to have one, that I couldn’t wait until I got home. I was furiously trying to get into the packaging and having no luck. I needed my pocket knife’s assistance, but it happened to be on my key chain which was in my ignition. Yes…I shamefully pulled into the nearest parking lot, turned my car off, took the keys out of the ignition, and used my knife to break free the plastic packaging. The worst part is that TJ’s is less than 2 miles from my house, and I can’t even wait that long.  Rock bottom? Perhaps…but worth it.


3. Grifone Primitivo Wine: While I’m on the subject of Trader Joe’s, I’d like to put out a PSA regarding an amazing red wine that is sold there. It is Grifone Primitivo. Primitivo and Zifandel are technically the same grape, both from boot’s heal in Italy.Matt formally had banned red wine from our repertoire because he said  it made me “sassy” and “bossy” – like I need any more of that, and honestly, I didn’t really enjoy it. But I can say that now I’m a believer! This red in particular is light for summer, and goes down easy. At $3.99 a bottle, you can’t go wrong.


4. Pretty Wicked Moms: I am slightly embarrassed by the amount of reality TV that I watch. I keep myself occupied keeping up with mostly every Bravo show, but somehow managed to fit another show into my Tuesday night slot. Pretty Wicked Moms airs on lifetime and features five Atlanta-based moms. At first I thought the show was pretty corny, but have really started to enjoy it. They are all beautiful and have adorable kids and good looking husbands. Emily “The Queen Bee” is my favorite. She is a southern belle from Mississippi who owns a boutique in Atlanta (Swank), and is cousins with Eli and Peyton Manning. It’s refreshing to see women who are actually housewives from Atlanta who don’t wear wigs, throw shade, or date Big Poppa.


5. Stem: I first mentioned the website Quirky in last week’s Friday5. The site is designed to help the average Joe design, market, and sell their genius inventions. I found Stem on the Quirky site, and it is a tool that I think everyone needs in their kitchen (along with pretty much everything else on the site). Stem is designed to be inserted into your favorite fruit (lemon/lime) and then used to spray the juice on your favorite foods. Gone are the days of chopping, cutting and squeezing. Genius!