1. Tablet Pillow: Please tell me I’m not the only one who turns their bed into a movie theater nightly? With almost all networks having an app now, and the option to watch all my favorite shows on demand, there really isn’t much need for cable anymore (sorry, NOT sorry Time Warner!). Most nights I find myself catching up on Housewives (and being stunned at Brandi’s appalling behavior) or trying to catch up on Homeland since I’m basically living in the early 1900’s since I’m still on Season 2. Anyways, I used to prop my iPad up on a pillow, or the dog, or my headboard or any surface really until my dad gifted me this fabulous tablet pillow. It has a pocket that holds the iPad and a pocket on the side for any accessories you may need to carry with you (headphones, remote, etc.). The best part? When you accidentally fall asleep you now roll over on a soft plush pillow and not the freezing cold metal of your tablet.

tablet pillow

2. American Sniper: I am not a movie person, AT ALL. I’ve seen one movie start to finish in the past 10 years. But for some reason, American Sniper has really caught my attention. I saw an interview with Chris Kyle and was hooked. He has 160 confirmed kills but its likely more around 255. The saddest part is that he was killed almost two years ago, but in Texas, not on the front line.  I’m sure it will be really intense, but looking forward to seeing it tonight.


3. Uber cutting prices in CLT: As if Uber was not already fantastic enough, they’ve now made themselves even cooler by reducing prices in 48 U.S. cities, including Charlotte! The price cut supposedly drives higher demand, which in turn drives more rides and more mulah for Uber. If you haven’t heard my sales pitch for Uber yet, you can read it here or here. I swear I should be an ambassador.

4. Uber rates YOU: While we’re talking Uber…I recently found out that your driver rates you after each ride too. This discovery sent me into an instant tailspin of worry wracking my brain to remember if I had ever been rude, too chatty, not chatty enough, etc. I finally got brave enough to ask my last driver, and the good news is that I’m proudly sporting a 5 star rating!

download (2)

5. Resolution, Schmesalution: I heard on the news that today is the day that most people have given up on their New Years Resolutions. I am on day 13 of Whole30 (will post more about this) and can say I’m still going strong. Have you fallen off the wagon yet?


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