Wedding Wednesday: Mojito’s and Merriment Shower


My mom has been blessed with a very special group of ladies as friends who are like second moms to me. This group of ladies have been throwing wedding showers for all of the daughters in this group for a few years now, and are now professionals. I was so excited when I got the invite to their “Mojito’s and Merriment” bridal shower in my honor.

photo 4

These ladies did not miss one detail. They truly went out of their way to incorporate our wedding colors and style into all of their decor. The flowers truly looked like they were done by a professional florist and the food was so amazing that I went back for thirds (#weddingdiet). They planned fun games that all of the guests participated in (with prizes for the winner) and the cutest parting gifts that included Ande’s Mints, my absolute favorite!

photo 1

photo 5

photo 3

photo 4What was really special was that my grandmother was able to make the trip down from Virginia to attend the shower. You can see where me and my mom get our shorty problems from. Also, my sister made the trip from Chicago and Matt’s mom and sister came up from Florida, which made the weekend that much better!

photo 3

photo 4


photo 1


photo 2A wedding tradition is that you keep all the bows from your showers and that acts as your “bouquet” during the wedding rehearsal. My talented friend Kathleen can seriously do it ALL. Look at what a great job she did with my bouquet…that later turned into a head piece.

photo 5I am so thankful for these beautiful women and their big hearts. You know the feeling when “thank you” doesn’t feel like enough? That is exactly how I feel about this shower. They put so much time and work into showering me and Matt, and we both feel so humbled by their, and everyone who attended, generosity. It was a great way to kick off the final countdown to #HappilyEverHelgeson!!!




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