Things that are making me happy this week….

1. Fake it til you make it: This week I purchased some beautiful tulips from Trader Joe’s. During my weekly trip to TJ’s I allow myself a bottle of wine, sea salt & chocolate almonds, or a bouquet of flowers. This week, the good guys won. Who cares if there’s a high 30 degrees this weekend? At least it’s spring in my bedroom! Plus, the tulips are only $5.99. That’s definitely worth the happiness they bring each time I come home

photo (13)

 2: An OCD-brain dream come true


 3. Oh no he di’int: A Montana lawmaker introduced a bill to ban yoga pants citing the pants cause “indecent exposure”. WHAAAA??? Call me crazy, but that would eliminate my wardrobe pretty much any waking hour outside of the hours spent at my job (though I’m tempted every casual Friday). Thankfully for all of us, a legislative panel moved to kill the bill.


4. Lisa Rinna: Can we talk about how amazing Lisa Rinna is? She has been such a great addition to the RHOBH cast. She is level-headed, no drama and actually intelligent. And those arms, man! What’s a bride gotta do to get guns like that??

5. Presidents Day Holiday: Can I get an “OHHELLLYAAAA” for having Monday off? Gotta love the bank holiday schedule



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