This week I’m obsessing over…

1. Emi-Jay Hair Ties: These hair ties were invented by 8th graders (why didn’t I think of this??) and they are awesome. They don’t leave creases in your hair, and more importantly they don’t pull your hair out.

2. TIto’s Vodka: Tito’s has jut recently hit the vodka scene and is actually pretty good. Apparently it has ranked higher than Grey Goose and Absolute in blind taste tests, and it’s more affordable than both.

3. Car Detailing: This is definitely a splurge, but well worth it. Mr. Harold and his crew will come to your work, home, or wherever and get your ride sparking clean. They spend a good 2 hours and when they are finished, you can’t find a single crumb and your entire car is better than brand new.

4. Band-Aid Friction Block: Whoever invented this is a goddess!! The Friction Block stick has a lubricating formula that you rub on your feet that instantly reduces rubbing on the skin. The invisible barrier makes this ideal for long walks in stilettos and nights out prancing in your heels.

5. Again, The Carolina Gamecocks: It was an ugly win, but the boys pulled out a W against Vanderbilt. Woo hoo, football season is finally back!

What are you obsessing over today??



A few years ago my friend, Erin, and I, randomly started texting each other 5 things that we were currently obsessed with. It was a way more of a means to keep in touch, but I also learned about some awesome new things. The “game” has extended itself to my friend group, and now my good friend Laura and I periodically play.

These are the Five things I’m obsessing about this Friday…

1. Starbucks Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher – I’m not a coffee drinker, but sometimes crave a shot of caffeine (like trying to get thru work on a Friday). The Refreshers are new and have 60-80 mg of caffeine (coffee typically has 100-120 mg).  The are fairly inexpensive and give you that boost you need.

2. Cleaning my Hairdryer – I recently vacuumed out the vent on my hairdryer and it reduced my drying time from 45 min to 10 min. For anyone who knows the drama of getting my ‘do perfect, this is a huge advancement in my life.

3. Cipher Monograms – Monograms basically consume my life and I just discovered a new version. These are all hand drawn and then can be turned into stationary, lucite trays, etc.  Such an elegant and fancy way to display say…your new married monogram (wedding fever, agh!!). Take a look at these from Gadabout

4. The Carolina Gamecocks – Lets face it, this is ALWAYS on my Top 5. With kickoff just 6 days away, and an SEC gathering party tonight, I can basically feel Williams-Brice swaying during Sandstorm.

5. Opportunities – Ok, so this is pretty vague. But I have been very blessed by some opportunities that have come my way. Knowing that there is light at the end of the tunnel can turn any bad day around. Sometimes I’m amazed about all the great things I have, none of which seem deserved.


What are you obsessing about today?

Love Is In The Air…


This past weekend we celebrated the engagement of my sister and her honey, Bob. Thursday night we picked the happy couple up from the airport and ended the night with some pizza and good laughs. Friday we ran around town and looked at potential venues for the wedding. It was so much fun being able to spend time with my entire family, and it made it feel real that this wedding is actually happening. The big sha-bang took place on Saturday night at The Ashton (more pictures to come). There were about 100 close family and friends at the party. At one point I remember looking around in amazement at how lucky we are to have so many friends and family that love our family so much! The night was a whirlwind trying to make my rounds to greet all the guests, and of course, introduce Mr. Matt to everyone! It was an amazing night, and it was definitely the kickoff we needed to begin planning this wedding!

Monday was the 3rd Annual – Charlotte Gamecock Alumni Golf Tournament. This tournament was partially my baby and the first big event I helped with since joining the Board of Directors for the Club. The tournament went off without a hitch! It was such a fun afternoon and I was so lucky and thankful to have my Dad, boyfriend, future brother-in-law, and his father participate in the tourney.



The guys tied for 4th place, and I couldn’t have been more proud. Out of 20 teams, this was super impressive. To add the cherry on the top for the weekend, Matt ended up winning the closest to the pin contest and now has amateur sponsorship from Dixon Golf for the next year. We all found it pretty hilarious! So this mean I’m basically dating a professional golfer…right…?


Volume I, Chapter I

So…here goes nothing. Feeling completely uninspired by my day job, and ridiculously impressed by creative friends and websites out there, I’ve decided to start a blog. The question on everyone’s mind, “What in the world are you going to write about??” That remains to be seen. I envision postings with tons of DIY projects, delicious recipes, and delightful words of wisdom;  but as you all know my creativity and domesticity departments are seriously lacking. So for now its baby steps and a glimpse into the wacky and wonderful world of a Dilworth Darling!