It has been quite some time since I participated in this fun game…so here we go:

1. Kentucky Derby: Looking forward to celebrating our fourth Derby together. The first year unfortunately fell the day after Cinco de Mayo which might as well be Cinco de Hangover. I spent the entire day laid up on the couch betting (& barfing). Luckily my maturity has greatly increased since then as I try to become a classy & functioning part of society. Getting my own Jefferson Cups might have been the highlight of my 2013…This year we are having a few friends over and have some fun betting games planned {come on big money, momma needs some wedding money}. Which horse are you feeling lucky about?


2. Weekend at Home: Before last weekend we hadn’t had a weekend in town without something to do in 6 weeks. Scatter in work travel in between that and you get one homesick little CMH. This weekend we are in town with very few plans except for a few wedding appointments and I could not be any happier. Home is where the heart is.

3. Bad Daddy’s: Did you all see that Bad Daddy’s was sold to a Colorado-based restaurant group for $21 million?? Please just promise not to tinker with my tots and milkshake.

4. Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros: I started listening to this Pandora station after a suggestion from my hair dresser. I heard this song while driving back from Atlanta and can’t stop listening to it. Great station to listen to at work if you aren’t in a Hip Hop BBQ mood.

5. CharlotteFive: CharlotteFive is a the Charlotte version of The Skimm. Each morning at 7am CharlotteFive publishes the top 5 news and entertainment stories to get you up-to-date on all the QC happenings. You can visit their website or have their newsletter automatically delivered to your inbox. Great way to stay in-the-know.




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