1. Touch Tonic for Gloves: Touch Tonic is a paint-on solution that you paint onto the tips of your gloves making them touchscreen capable. No more cutting off your tips or frost bite fingers to send that ever important Snapchat. They make a version for leather gloves and another for fleece gloves.


2. Key Smart: Do you walk around with a ring of keys that resembles a high school janitor? (cough cough: Mom!) Key Smart helps by combining all of your keys into one swiss army style key holder. One Key Smart key organizer can fit up to 100 keys and they offer different colors and add-ons for USBs, pocket clips and bottle openers.

Product Photography of KeySMart taken at Studio on April 04, 2014.

3. Knockoff Clarisonic Replacement Brush Heads: They say you should replace your Clarisonic brush every 3 months. By “every 3 months” they really mean every year and a half, right?? At $27 a pop, I surely don’t have an extra $100 a year to be buying these. Thankfully, Taylor at Its The Little Things blogged about these knockoff replacement heads that you can buy on Amazon. I was skeptical at first, but all the reviews say they are as good as the real deal. And at $1.25 a piece, I’m willing to take the chance!

77b468923c70a902424a73e2d8981cc1 (1)

4. 52 week money challenge: Yesterday I mentioned that I used the 52-week money challenge to save almost $1,400 for our trip to Mexico. This is such a great way to save extra money, and the most you’re putting in is $52, which is totally doable. My friend Kathleen at Gratefully Golden had a great idea to do this challenge, but in reverse. That way, you’re putting the most money in at the beginning of January when you’re likely to have more mulah thanks to Christmas (or birthdays!). If you haven’t started yet, no worries, you’re only $21 behind which is easy to make-up quickly.


5. Free Food: Don’t judge me, but I’ve gone to Chick-fil-a three times this week. On Tuesday they were giving away free Chicken Mini’s (and calories don’t count on your birthday) and then I’ve gone two other times to get a free Iced Vanilla Coffee. For the remainder of February, they are giving away a free cup of its new specialty-grade THRIVE Farmers coffee at all restaurant locations. Customers can pick up a 12 ounce (small) cup of hot coffee or a 16 ounce (medium) iced coffee throughout the month. Also, today at Menchie’s from 4-8 p.m. you can get a free frozen yogurt with toppings




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