There’s a new ride in town…


Uber is now in The Queen City!

My first experience with with Uber was last winter when visiting Chicago. As you can imagine, winters in Chi Town are brutal. You risk the chance of having your arm frozen off each and every time you step outside to hail a cab. Lucky for us, we were able to stay warm and cozy inside until Tony appeared out our doorstep.

Before we headed out for the evening, we reserved our ride using the Uber app. The app allows you to place your ride request and pick-up location within seconds; no waiting on hold forever with Yellow Cab. You then receive a confirmation text. The app tells you who your driver is, provides a picture, and shows you their rating. Tony arrived at our doorstep in a Lincoln Navigator and kindly opened our doors like a true gentleman. The car was clean and smelled good (read: no lingering vomit odor) AKA the complete opposite of every other cab ride. When registering for the app, you input your credit card number which then stays on file. So, when the ride is over, you simply leave your tip and get out. No swiping or scavenging for extra change when the “credit card machine is down”. If you enjoyed your ride and the driver, leave feedback via the in-app rating system.


Are you sold yet? If not, maybe this offer will entice you. Uber is offering three (3) FREE uberX rides per user, up to $20 off each for the entire month of September! With this deal, you might just find me showing up to the office or gym via Uber the next few weeks.

So, you’re probably thinking that come October, Uber prices won’t be affordable. False. Uber prices are competitive with regular taxi services. Check out the fee structure below.


Show some southern hospitality and welcome Uber to town by following on twitter: @Uber_CLT or via blog:


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