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1.  Apple’s iPhone charger take-back program: Last month a lady in China was electrocuted and killed by her iPhone.  That’s like being killed by your best friend, bummer.  Apple believes the phone was plugged in to the charger, and the charger was likely counterfeit. In a somewhat genius move, through October 18, Apple is offering to take back any iPhone, iPod, or iPad chargers not made by Apple at its stores and authorized service providers, and in exchange will sell users an authentic Apple USB power adaptor for $10—half the usual price. Users will also have to bring in their Apple gadgets, each of which has a unique serial number, and will be limited to one discounted charger per device. This strategy is smart because Apple has 1) distanced itself from blame from any future fake charger disasters 2) making a profit on new chargers bought and 3) increased foot traffic to their stores. According to Asymco analyst horace Dediu, the company collected $57.50 in revenue per Apple store visitor in Q1.  Maybe it’s finally time to upgrade from that charger I bought out of desperation at the Citgo back in college?

2. My Amazing Blow Dry Secret: Um…amazing and secret is right! Who knew this product even existed? This company sells shampoo, conditioner, and a shake n’ spray product that claims to reduce your blow dry time in half. That’s right folks, half.  I don’t know much about chemistry (I thought atom was spelled adam until high school), but I do know that these products contain molecules that speed up the evaporation of water. Seems too good to be true, but all of the reviews I read said that it actually works. Each product retails for around $25 and I’m very tempted to purchase.


3. I’m not a big couponer; mainly because I don’t find it to be convenient to rifle through the non-existent Sunday paper I receive. My sister introduced me to You type your grocery list into a box, and then it returns any relevant coupons to items on your list.  Lozo searches hundreds of coupon sites at once, and will also email you new savings each week.

4. Microbrew Cruise at the National White Water Center: During the months of May-October, the White Water Center is offering a Microwbrew Cruise on almost every Wednesday and Friday evening. For $55, you take an hour and a half Flatwater paddle on the Catawba River. As the sun begins to set, you head back to shore for a chef-prepared, fire side dinner. Each cruise features a select craft brewery; representatives from the breweries lead the tastings by highlighting new, seasonal and unique brews. I think this would be a perfect date night.  There’s only ten more opportunities this season, so sign-up soon!


5. Quirky Sliders: Can you tell I really love the company Quirky? I’ve mentioned them here and here in previous Friday5’s and I’m back today with another great hit! With Labor Day right around the corner (boo hoo hoo!) we have a few more opportunities to pull the grill out. The nonslip rubber gasket of the Slider keeps your food securely in place while grilling, and easily slide the food off  the skewer when you’re ready to chow down. For $24.99 you get a set of four skewers, and also help support Tim Hayes in Lakewood, Ohio.


3 thoughts on “Friday5

  1. I love all of your finds!!! Great information on the blow dry secret (ugh such a pain) and the Apple chargers. I am asking with the woman above me; would that include car chargers?! Hmm

  2. Found you through the link up! I think that blow dry secret was on the Today show recently and I missed the name of the product, so I’m so glad you posted this! 🙂 I’m a fellow SC blogger, but a Clemson fan 😛

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