25 Ways To Know You Live in The Queen City

Have y’all seen this BuzzFeed article that’s been going around, 25 Ways to Know You Live in The Queen City?

A few of my favorites…

3. You’ve felt significantly underdressed while working out at the Dowd.

5. You learn more about golf during the Wells Fargo Championship than you ever did in your life

7. You run into at least 10 people you know at the ‘Club’ Teeter whenever you go…so you always make sure to look presentable

8. You still go to the Charlotte Observer daily out of habit…and get angry when this pops up

14. You try to avoid the Epicenter during weekends whenever possible

25. You watch Homeland just to see if you recognize parts of Charlotte or people


What are some things you think are distinctive to living in The Queen City?




You Look Mah-velous!

January 24th is national compliment day! Take today to give out 5 (or more compliments). It’s such a good feeling when someone compliments your outfit, or your smile, or something they admire about you. You never know how much your kind words can change someones entire day!


The travel bug bites again…

Happy 2014 everyone! Between the buzz of the holidays and the craziness of year-begin at work, my poor ole  blog has been neglected! But after a relaxing long weekend I’m feeling refreshed and ready to get those blog-typing fingers moving again.

Last September, Matt and I took the trip of  a lifetime to Spain. It was my first trip out of the country and I wasn’t sure how I would like it.  On the plane home I was already trying to plan how and where we could make the next trip possible. Traveling was never high on my “to-do” list, but after Spain I realized that our world reaches far beyond just my little Charlotte bubble. There are so many places to see and experiences to have out there. We are very lucky that we both have flexible jobs, the financial means, and no little ones which makes picking up and going relatively easy.

Back in December Matt found out that he might have to travel to Slovenia for work. Like the Spain trip, there are many hoops on the corporate side he has to go through before a trip gets approved. Everything was finally finalized last week which meant I got to start planning my portion of the trip. With just 2 weeks to plan our Euro-trip, I quickly booked a flight and started TripAdvisoring everything I could think of. This shows my ignorance, but I thought Slovenia was some dark and gray city in Russia. Turns out, it’s its own country and amazingly beautiful



The work in Slovenia will only be two days (Tues and Wednesday), which leaves us some wiggle room to travel elsewhere. I initially had my heart set on Croatia. There are many Croatian islands and from my research I gathered that it is the new hot travel destination. The only issue is that is also winter there, and 40 degrees and the Mediterranean Sea don’t  seem to go together well. After much debate, we decided that Switzerland would be a better winter destination. On Thursday morning we fly from Slovenia to Zürich, Switzerland.



We’ve decided that while we are in Zürich, we want to take a day/short overnight trip to a ski resort. Long story, but Matt’s families ski trip to Steamboat Springs was cancelled this year so what better way to redeem itself than to have ski the Alps in Switzerland? I’m not a big cold/snow/winter sports fan, but hey, when else am I going to get the opportunity? We have narrowed down some ski resorts but would love some input if you’ve traveled  to Zürich before. We spent all day Sunday doing research and stumbled upon this Igloo Resort. It is a carefully designed environment made of glistening snow crystals – rebuilt every season from 3000 tons of snow at six locations in the Alps and the Pyrenees. Yes, you stay the night in the igloo. They provide you a sleeping bag, and that’s about all you get. While this would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, both of us are a little nervous to pull the trigger. Something about staying on a block of ice after a long day of skiing doesn’t sound like the warmest, or most comfortable of arrangements. They do have a bar, so if we don’t end up staying there, we will definitely be by to get a cold beverage.




One of the most exciting parts of the trip is that we will be gone during my 26th birthday. Poor Matt is going to have a hard time topping himself when birthday 27 rolls around…Exactly three months before my birthday I received this fortune cookie and boy I had no idea that this trip would be the “good things” that life had in store!photo (1)