Friday5 {Beach Edition}

This time next week we will be relaxing on the Florida coast with Matt’s family. The past few months at work have been completely overwhelming, and relaxing getaway is just what the doctor ordered. In honor of our upcoming beach weekend, here are a few of my favorite things:

1. Vino2Go:  Essentially a wine glass inside the protection of a tumbler, this adult sippy cup ensures your Vino stays nice and cold, without dealing with annoying condensation during the blazing summer months. The lid makes transportation easy and the BPA-free acrylic  plastic is perfect when you don’t want to risk one of your nice wine glasses breaking. The best part? The cup now comes in an XL (12 oz.) version for those of you who love their juice as much as momma does. For those of you who are local, Black Lion sells them, or you can buy them here.



2. Food Tent: If the “Mosquito Squad”, “Mosquito Troop”, “Mosquito Wrangler” and “Mosquito Terminator” signs in just about every single one of my neighbors yard is any indication, the bugs this year must be bad! With all the rain we’ve had lately, the bugs are out in full force, especially mosquito’s. A fly landing on your hot dog can ruin your dinner party mood faster than Heather DuBrow taking you to an upscale  restaurant on your bachelorette party in Mexico. So…do yourself a favor and head to World Market and purchase a food dome or collapsible mesh food tent.

Side Note: I heard on The Today Show that if a bug lands in alcohol, you’re fine to remove it, and keep drinking. HOWEVER, if it lands in any other liquid, you should get a new glass.

3. Shake Women’s Tote: I stumbled upon a great website called Quirky. The concept behind Quirky is that they help people like you and me, research, design, engineer, brand, manufacture and sell your big idea. Their website has a bunch of really interesting products, but the Shake Women’s Tote caught my eye. I think Quirky’s description sums it up perfectly: “Life’s a beach, but when sand gets into your beach bag… well, now that’s just a b&#%h. Introducing the Shake Women’s Tote, designed to keep your items in, and sand out. This bag features a reversible flap that can be pinned to either side, allowing you to reveal or conceal the netting at will. When sand begins to intrude, just flip the flap, and shake all your troubles away. Shake is the perfect companion for any sand-resistant beach bum.

4. Cooler Party Cube: Don’t like to mix your Bud Lights and your Cokes? I understand.  The Cooler Party Cube can help solve that issue! The party cube is a lightweight, portable cooler, that comes with a waterproof interior divider that allows you to separate your cooler into two different sections. It also has a collapsible and removable stand so you  don’t hurt your back leaning over to grab a cold brewski. There is also a slot on the side of the cooler where you can insert a standard size umbrella to keep the cooler out of the sun. Brilliant!

5.  Beach Towel Clips: Nothing like a towel flapping in the wind, or blowing away, to really rile up your nerves on a relaxing beach day. Enter beach towel clips. These cute accessories clip on to any deck, lounge, or beach chair and help keep your towel down, and your mood high.


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