Wedding Wednesday: Is it selfish to have an adult-only wedding?


It’s a decision every couple planning a wedding has to make: Should we invite kids, too? Honestly, this wasn’t even a conversation when it came to our wedding. We knew from the beginning that we wanted an adult-only wedding. We have several reasons for this…

  • Weddings are EXPENSIVE and adding kids to the mix means more mouths to feed
  • Kids and crystal don’t mix
  • Have you ever been to a wedding where a baby starts crying in the middle of the ceremony or a kid blurts something out and totally distracts from the moment?
  • Our wedding is going to be a very classy, elegant affair and we want our guests to be able to fully enjoy it without having to worry about their kids running around
  • Every couple deserves a good date night (or weekend) away from the kids
  • None of our close family members have children so there won’t be a flower girl or ring bearer

Last week The Today Show featured an article written by an upset adult who was asked not to bring her children to their wedding. Her gripes include  she will “shell out over 100 bucks on a babysitter, plus the wedding gift. It’s a horrendously expensive date night and I’m sorry (and no offense to you and the love of your life), but that’s really asking a lot of your guests with young children.

So what do you think, is it selfish or not?



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