Wobble Wedding Weekend

Have you heard of the Wobble? The song was originally released in 2008, but gained popularity in 2011 when a “hustle” (line dance) was created for it.  Nowadays it seems like you can’t go to a wedding or bar without hearing it.  It’s catchy beat and easy-to-follow dance moves makes me wonder if one day my kids will be Wobbling instead of doing the Electric Slide.

Friday we left work early and headed south to Greenville, SC for one of my dear sorority sisters weddings. We got into town and headed to the grooms  grandparents house where the rehearsal dinner was being held. I have to admit, when I first heard that the rehearsal dinner was going to be at someone’s grandparents house, I thought it was going to be a low key evening. Wrong. We pulled up and were immediately greeted by strobe lights and a DJ. The night could not have been more fun! There was a dance floor set up around the pool (dangerous after a few drinks) and delicious BBQ and fixins under a big tent set up in the side yard. The grooms mother, Regina (a hoot!), happens to be obsessed with the Wobble. So obsessed that she hired someone to come to the rehearsal dinner to teach the group how to Wobble properly. What we didn’t know was the surprise Regina had up her sleeve. The Mother/Son dance during the reception started with “It’s a Wonderful World” and then midway  cut to the Wobble  where all the guests flooded the dance floor and joined in…priceless! The brides father also has a signature dance he performed during the rehearsal dinner, Gangam Style , it sure was hilarious! One of the highlights of the night was the dance battle the bride and groom had, complete with the Dougie.  We were there until after midnight dancing and having a great time. It really was a mini-wedding. That’s the way a rehearsal dinner should be done in my opinion, it should be relaxed and fun, and down-to-earth. After all,  all your friends and family are in town, so why limit the party to just Saturday night? Hands down the best rehearsal dinner I’ve ever been to!

image (2)

image (9)

photo (2)

image (6)

Lovely Delta ladies

image (4)

image (3)

Gangam Style

image (1)

Loved the Carolina theme throughout the wedding

image (5)

Dougie dance-off

Saturday was stormy which made conditions perfect for sleeping in til 11am. It’s been a while since I was able to do that, and it was much needed! Once we were up and ready to go, we headed out to get some lunch in downtown Greenville (which is absolutely adorable!).  Laura, from The Reedy Review,  was sweet enough to put together a post on how to spend a Saturday in Greenville. Unfortunately the weather prohibited us from doing a lot of the outside activities she recommended, but we did take her advice and eat lunch at Grill Marks. Both of our burgers were amazing, and I’m pretty sure the Blue and Pimento Cheese fries we ordered are NOT on the wedding diet (oops!). Following Laura’s advice, we ordered the Moonshine Milkshake made with locally distilled Dark Corner Hot Mama Moonshine. Ohmygosh – so delicious!



I have to admit that the ShakeTail got to me, and I had to lay down and take a breather at the hotel before getting ready. I’m not accustom to drinking Moonshine at noon. After the nap, we dressed and headed to the church for the ceremony. Leslie looked absolutely stunning (as always) and the ceremony was beautiful. Afterwards, we headed to Larkin’s Sawmill for the reception. The bride and groom chose “2001” (Go Gamecocks!) as their entrance song – which was a hit amongst all of the Carolina grads in attendance. The band was awesome and we enjoyed dancing until they kicked us out. We were not ready to close down the party, so most of us headed to a bar in downtown Greenville.  It was so nice to have a reunion with all of my old college friends. Getting together with them is always a treat that I value and it makes it very hard to say goodbye at the end of the weekend.

image (8)

My hot date

I am so happy for Leslie and Zach. They are the epitome of a happy and carefree couple. It is easy to see the love the have for each other. They are easy going and always up for a good time. I am thankful that Leslie found such a great man, and can’t wait to see their love for each other grow. Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Smith!



If you’ve never been to Key West, your next steps after reading this post are as follows: go to priceline.com, find a flight, book it, and leave town as soon as possible. I had only been to Key West once prior to this weekend, but I wasn’t old enough to drink yet, and was only there for an afternoon as part of an excursion with the cruise we are on.  I can tell you that Key West at 25 is exponentially better than Key West at 12 was.

Included in my maid-of-honor duties was of course planning the bachelorette party. Starting back in September, the bridesmaids and I threw around a few ideas; Vegas…Miami…and finally settled on Key West. The bride had spent a glorious spring break there during college, and was hoping we could relive the glory days (which I would say we successfully accomplished). Key West is less than a two-hour plane ride away, yet you feel like you’re in a different country. The water is crystal clear, its relaxed and laid back,  plus you can walk around with a Grain Train without fear of an open container ticket. Any city whose bars stay open until 6am, encourages sippin’ in the streets, and promotes weirdness and individuality is a place I’d be comfortable with calling home!



Cute little airport

Six of the eight bridesmaids left Charlotte on Thursday and headed down to the land of the Conch Republic. We arrived at lunchtime and changed into our bathing suits in the hotel lobby. We didn’t want to waste a single minute of catching sun rays. We managed to eventually pull ourselves away from the beach to head to our room Presidential Suite and do some decorating before the bride and her soon-to-be sister-in-law arrived from snowy (yes, it is still snowing there in April, ridiculous!!) Chicago.

image (7)


Personalized labels I made

Personalized labels I made

We spent a few hours catching up over daiquiri’s and getting ready before we headed to Dirty D: Duval Street.  Duval Street is in a category of its own. Think Athens, GA meets 5Points in Columbia, SC.  We stopped at Amigos Tortilla Bar (home of the square taco’s) and devoured some gigantic burritos,  salsa and queso.  Next Stop: Flying Monkey’s for an infamous Everclear Grain Train slushy (imagine Dr. Rocco and Wet Willie getting together and producing an evil offspring). A few of those bad boys and we were loosened up to hit the da-da-dance floor at Rick’s. I don’t know the exact story behind it (and I probably don’t want to know), but Rick’s lives in infamy in the heart of my sister. Rick’s is one bar with eight other bars inside, genius! We went to Rick’s all three nights, stayed until around 3am all three nights, and danced like we were Ke$ha and going to die young. You know you’ve had a successful night when you go home with your hair soaked with sweat and a a strangers receipt you signed for 20 shots.

image (1)

The Bride


Aint that the truth

Friday we set out to the Southermost Beach Cafe  for a round of Painkillers and some fish taco’s. The view from the restaurant was insanely beautiful and the best part is that there is a public beach surrounding the cafe. It makes it quite easy to roll yourself from the table to the beach in under 2 minutes. We spent the majority of the day laying out there and then headed to the marina. Coincidentally (or not…?) Whitney’s soon-to-be father-in-law happened to be on his annual sailing trip with the guys and had docked in Key West the same exact weekend we were there.  Typically, your father-in-law would most likely be the last person you’d want on your bachelorette weekend, but Mr. Stanton and his friends were awesome. The boat is owned by the owner of Weber Grills and is amazingly nice. They had appetizers and drinks waiting for us and we spent a few hours docked in the marina soaking up some more sun.  Just when we had enough margarita’s for things to start to get weird, we politely thanked the gracious hosts and headed home. We decided we would save some mulah by cooking our own dinner one night (our suite included a full kitchen)  – so we had taco’s again (the bride is a huge fan of mexican food, can you tell??). The night ended with another dance session at Rick’s and a late night DiGiorno.

Southernmost Beach Cafe

Southernmost Beach Cafe


We’re on a boat



Saturday morning we were moving slower than usual. These days most of us are up at 5am because we’re going to work or the gym, not because we’re still awake from the day before.  We managed to get ourselves together and head to Ft. Zachary Taylor for yoga on the beach. Dad donated this portion of the trip so he could ensure we did at least one healthy thing during the trip (thanks, Dad!) and it was AMAZING. Based on the fact that we were twenty minutes late to an 11:00am class, I think our instructor, Nancy, knew it had been a late night. She took it easy on us at first and did some core exercises to help us detox. Then she introduced AcroYoga to us, something none of us were familiar with. She paired us up with someone similar in height and then proceeded to tell us that we were going to be doing double dog down, triple planks, and other ridiculous poses. I loved every minute of it. Nancy did a great job of keeping us interested and engaged. There were so many times I would stop myself, look around, and think how incredibly blessed we all are. It’s not every day you get to practice yoga while staring at the ocean. Yoga took every last ounce of energy we had, so we headed back to the hotel pool to relax for the rest of the afternoon.  Later that evening we threw a lingerie shower for the Mrs. and played a few fun games. One of the games involved Whitney answering questions about Bob and vice versa.  Liz was sweet enough to record Bob answering the questions on the iPad, and it was a lot of fun for us to be able to watch the recording with Whitney. A correct answer was followed with a ‘good job’ while an incorrect answer was followed by a shot (a win-win in my book, really). I’m glad “Bob” was able to make an “appearance” at the bachelorette party, and it’s something that Whitney will be able to keep forever to laugh at.

image (3)

planks on planks on planks

image (4)

Thanks, Rox!


I could get used to this!

image (5)


We woke up Sunday to what appeared to be a scene from the movie Animal House. Our suite was a complete wreck; it had apparently rained goldfish and beer cans, remnants of what appeared to be a burnt, yet devoured, pizza were scattered all over the kitchen, and remains of an empty bottle of Fireball was recovered. Lucky for us, there was a bachelor party staying in the suite next to us, so we convinced ourselves that ours probably looked liked roses and rainbows compared to their’s. Instead of cleaning or packing, we decided our best option was to hit the pool until the absolute last minute before checkout. I envision the cleaning crew is probably still having nightmares over what they had to clean up, but that’s why you leave a tip for them on the first night, right? After resisting the inevitable  we begrudgingly packed our bags and headed to the airport to head home.


View from our room

photo (1)

Until next time…

The cost and time spent planning the trip was completely worth the four straight days of laughter. We all had such an amazing time that I think all of us are already thinking of way we can get back (someone else please get engaged soon!). The Key West Marriott Beachside Hotel couldn’t have been a better place to stay. The staff went out of their way to accommodate every need we had – including glasses of champagne upon arrival, passing out cucumbers for our eyes while laying out, and spritzing our feet with cool water and a fan to combat the Florida heat. I am so thankful for the friendships my sister has with these special women, who have all  become more like sisters to me.  The big day will be here before we know it, and I think the Future Mrs. Stanton had a wonderful last fling before the ring!

Best Of: Medical

I often lose site of the fact that I have lived in Charlotte for NINETEEN years – almost my entire life! When the idea of possibly moving recently came to fruition, I began to freak out. How would I know where the best place to live would be? How would I ever find the local watering holes, or best hole-in-the-wall BBQ joints? Who would I ask for recommendations on doctors or dentists? Where would I find a hair stylist who could mix up the perfect batch of blonde? This minor period of panic led me to compile a Best of the Best list that I could share for the Charlotte area. Whether you’ve been here for years or just a few weeks, I hope my referrals will help you!

General Practitioner:

Dr. Alicia Cole

Mecklenburg Medical Group

South Park









Dr. Whitney Lane

Mecklenburg Medical Group

South Park









Dr. Sarah Morris

Carmel OB/GYN

Blakeney/Steele Creek












Dr. Scott Smith

Mecklenburg Medical Group

Randolph Rd.







Acupuncturist/Chinese Medicine:

Dr. Nicole Fodel

Synergy Chiropractic & Acupuncture













Dr. Audrey House

Thomas, House and Associates











Otolarnygologist (ENT):

Dr. Jonathan Moss

Charlotte Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat Associates










Dr. Kelly Wilson

Southview Dentistry











Dr. Gary Starr

Starr and Dickens Orthodontics




Dr. Walker Meadows

Matthews Animal Clinic



Perfect Weekend!

Any weekend that we don’t have a wedding, out of town trip, party, or obligation, I REJOICE! Life seems to have been going at 100MPH for the past…year! With more weddings, bachelorette parties, vacations, etc. on the horizon, I try to take full advantage of any weekends I have in town. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and was the perfect spring kickoff!

Friday: Boy was it a week! It seemed to take about three weeks for Friday to actually get here, so unwinding and a few drinks were in order when it finally did! Matt and I walked to one of our favorite hangouts,  Common Market. If you haven’t been to The Common Market, then you must! It is the most electric little place and most times we feel like we’re the outsiders. We are definitely the minority when it comes to style there – however there is a great mix of all types of people. The best part is that you can get beer, wine (by the bottle or glass), sandwiches, candy, snacks, etc. and enjoy them on the quaintest patio. It’s basically a modern take of general stores in the past and one of the best locations for people watching! After enjoying a few beverages on the patio, we packed up and walked over to Food Truck Friday which is held on an empty lot right beside Common Market. FTF is an empty lot where Food Truck’s pull up and serve everything from BBQ, to tacos, to ice cream and cupcakes. We got there around 8:15, and it closes at 9, a lesson we learned the hard way. Most of the trucks were sold out of one or more of their main dishes. We chose the Roaming Fork truck and were very impressed. I ordered the “Porky Sandwich” and Matt ordered the “Porky Cheesy  a grilled cheese with BBQ and pimento cheese… heavenly! We were so full when we left that we had to roll ourselves home. The night ended with us ordering Zero Dark Thirty. Unfortunately, I fell asleep 20 minutes in. I heard it was really intense and a great movie, I just seem struggle with insomnia the second any movie starts.

Picture 013
Picture 012

Picture 011

Picture 010


Saturday: I woke up late (9am…sad, when did 9am become late??) and went to a barre workout class. After that I went over to Matthews to pick up my bridesmaid dress for my sisters wedding. I cannot believe that the wedding is only 39 days away. OMIGOSH! OMIGOSH! OMIGOSH! I still find it hard to accept that it’s really happening, and cannot believe how fast the time has flown by. Although my legs felt like jello, it was too beautiful outside to stay indoors. I hopped on my bike, Matt rented one of the B-cycle‘s and we were off! We first rode to Freedom Park and then down the Greenway. We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful city! The park and trails were packed full of people and pets and it felt wonderful to enjoy the afternoon and get some exercise. For dinner we tried a new recipe and were blown away by how good it was.  I am a sucker for pizza, but unfortunately the amount of calories in one slice makes me want to die a little inside, and I’m also trying to eat gluten-free. I found a recipe for Zucchini Pizza’s – the zucchini replaces the crust and only has 50 calories. The best part is that you can customize each slide and add as many toppings as you’d like. We stuck with low-fat mozzarella cheese and turkey pepperoni’s, but Matt dabbled with some seasonings and broccoli on a few of his slices. The recipe calls to cook them in the oven, but it was so nice out that we took some wine down to the grill area and popped them on the grill. We had so many people come up to us and ask what we were making – they were all so intrigued by how great they looked. The best part is how wonderful they tasted! Because the zucchini was grilled, it had that nice crunchy taste and neither of us missed the crust! We ended the night with The Perks of Being a Wallflower movie. Matt probably asked 10-15 times what the point was of the movie. It was definitely a little out there, and not one of our favorites.

photo (2)

Sunday: With all the blessings we’ve been provided, there’s no excuse to not make it to Church on Sunday morning to thank God for all we’ve been provided. We have been attending Elevation Uptown and really enjoy it. I love that its convenient, offers an 11:30am service (nice for sleeping in!) and love the charm of the McGlohon Theatre where service is held. The message was very moving and powerful for both us, and exactly what we needed to hear that day. Isn’t it funny how God works like that? After church we went to our favorite Sunday hangout, Vivace.  Vivace has $10 all-you- can-drink mimosa’s, and we like to take full advantage of our ten bucks! The outside patio is perfect this time of year, and with live music, you can’t beat it. We had to cut our brunch shorter than we normally do because I had signed up for another barre class. After my workout, I scooped Matt up and we met some friends for some cold beers and corn hole at Tyber Creek. The day turned out a little different than we had expected, and we ended up going to Duckworth’s for sweet potato fries and then to Nikko’s for some sushi. It was definitely a random Sunday, but perfect.  You can’t beat an afternoon of being around good people, nice weather, and cold drinks!

Charlotte has so much to offer! What are your favorite spots around town?



1. Find My Friend App: They say “good friends are hard to find” and sometimes this is literally the case when you’re friends with people who should be kept on a short leash like to wonder when out on the town (SR & KR cough cough).  This somewhat brilliant, somewhat creepy app lets you track your friends location based on their GPS location.  Oh how I would have loved to have had this app during endless Carolina Cup and Gamecock gameday searches!



2. ReCORK: If you know me, then you know that mama loves her juice!  Of course I always feel fantastic after downing an entire bottle of Pinot Grigio, but what if there was a way to make myself feel ever better about it? Now there is! ReCORK is a natural wine cork recycling program that turns used wine corks into ring tiles, building insulation, shoes, automotive gaskets, craft materials, soil conditioner and sports equipment.  So far ReCORK has collected almost 40 million corks! Dropoff Locations near Dilworth:


3. Pedal Panties: I received a road bike as a Christmas gift and am so thrilled that the weather is finally at a bearable temperature to be able to get out and ride! For those of you like me who were not blessed with a “KardASShian” – a pleasant bike ride can turn torturous.  For $36, the Pedal Panties offer padding in all the right places, and are made with breathable moisture-wicking fabric. Win-Win in my book!



4.  Polished Silver WiFi Hotspot and USB Flash Drive Cufflinks: Seems like something out of a James Bond movie, right? ? With wedding season upon us, I have recently been searching for some  cufflinks to give as gifts and randomly discovered this futuristic version.  These are totally a necessary because you never know when you’re going to need connect to the internet, or upload a document during your friends nuptials, right?



5. Vicki Gunvalson’s New Face: I cannot tell you how ecstatic I am that the Real Housewives of Orange County (YOU WENT TO BASS LAKE!) is back on! I have to admit that I’m really loving Vicki’s new face! I’m not a huge fan of her’s – but feel like she’s one of those relatives you have to like just because they’ve been around so long. I think she looks awesome and hope these changes bring someone better than Brooks to fill her love tank!


Easter at the Lake

Woo wee, it sure has been a while since I last posted. If it seems like I’ve been living under a rock… it’s because I practically have been for the past five days.

photo (1)

Last Thursday, Matt and I caught an early flight to Tallahassee, FL.  For being the capital of the state, the airport was super small, and only had two concourses and about six gates.  Talk about a flyers dream come true! The security line had ONE person in it as we walked out! We were greeted by Matt’s mom, dad, and dog who had driven up from Jacksonville to scoop us up on the way to the lake. We were in the car all of three minutes before Matt’s mom popped open the champagne and orange juice for some road mimosa’s to enjoy for the trip ahead. A woman after my own heart! We used the hour and half road trip to catch up since Matt last saw his parents at Christmas, and it had been since October since I had seen them. With about twenty remaining minutes of the trip, we pulled off the highway, entered down a tree-lined, two-lane highway. At that point I said goodbye to civilization and cell phone service for the remainder of the week!

Matt’s grandmother, Mimi, and her husband, John, own an RV park on Lake Victor in Westville, FL. Westville is practically in Alabama, and it is so close that the nearest grocery store is actually in Alabama. The RV park has been their’s for about five years now and is not what you would expect from an RV park. The lots are all very well taken care of, and many people have taken it upon themselves to build their own decks and barns, even though they just rent the space. Mimi and John are both retired and use the RV park as a way to keep themselves busy, and as a small source of income. Mimi and John own a home that is on the land that looks out to the most beautiful view of Lake Victor. Matt’s family keeps a camper on the land that the use to stay in whenever they visit. It is actually pretty spacious and not at all what I was expecting after hearing the word “camper”. The camper has four bunk beds on one side (where Matt, his sister and I all stayed) a living area in the middle, and a queen bed on the other side of the camper where his parents stayed.  Nothing like three nights in the same room with your boyfriends family to really bring you together, hah!

Matt giving me the tour of the land

Matt giving me the tour of the land in the golf cart

Friday morning we woke up early (it’s hard to sleep-in when you’re in a camper that shakes anytime someone moves) and decided we would go boat shopping. Matt’s dad has been wanting a boat for a while now, and this weekend seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so.  Matt, his dad, his grandfather and I piled in the truck and headed to a few stores in Alabama.  They thought they had found the one at the second place we stopped, but an hour later of trying to force a 16ft. boat in the back of a truck, the guys gave up. I of course was no help at all, and was photographing the entire ordeal. The day ended with a boat being purchased from a seller we liked much better and one  we all felt good about giving our business to. As soon as we got back to the lake, the men put the boat in the water. They were like kids on Christmas!

Boat Shopping

Boat Shopping

You know you're in a small town when...

You know you’re in a small town when…

Attempt #1

Attempt #1

Yea...I don't think that's going to work

Yea…I don’t think that’s going to work

Saturday, Matt and his dad took the boat out for another fishing excursion. I opted to stay behind, as I was unsure of how long the trip would last. Matt said “an hour or so” – but three hours passed before they actually got back. I was able to enjoy some quality fishing time with Mimi and Matt’s mom, and was thankful for the father/son bonding time that Matt got to enjoy.  I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome Mimi is. She is the epitome of a southern grandma and makes the word “Matt” have about six syllables.  She is still very sharp and hilarious also.  She talks just like Miss Kay from Duck Dynasty. She even puts her sweet tea in a container just like Si does! Matt must have forgotten to mention to me that she is hometown friends with Harper Lee (who wrote To Kill a Mockingbird) and still owns twelve copies of the book that Harper personally signed for her. How cool!  Later that night I made my famous (just kidding!) deviled eggs and we enjoyed a corn hole competition. I won three games in a row, and opted to retire after that; it’s rude to be the guest and show everyone up, right?  We ended the night with the most gorgeous sunset over the lake, a bonfire, and lots of laughs. At about midnight, the guys decided they hadn’t quite gotten their fishing fix for the day, and went back out for some night fishing. The girls tried to play along, but after thirty minutes we were exhausted and all went to bed.

First ride

First ride

Matt, his dad, and his sister

Matt, his dad, and his sister

Picture 008



Duck Dynasty, anyone?

Duck Dynasty, anyone?


Sunday morning the “kids” woke up to find that the Easter Bunny had left us a few treats out on the deck. Matt’s bunny still brings him the same basket that he had when he was a baby. Too bad he’s not able to actually fit in it now! We got all of our things together, emptied and cleaned the camper, and headed to Mimi’s house to watch the Florida/Michigan basketball game. I had one very upset Gator on my hands, but was pleasantly surprised how well he handled it. I’m thinking the fact that it was Easter, and that he was in the presence of his grandmother, helped him to control his temper! I don’t think any of us were ready to return to the “real world” – but we begrudgingly said our goodbyes and headed back to Tallahassee. We ended up getting to the airport in time to enjoy a glass of wine and a beer before takeoff.  It seemed like the flight only lasted ten minutes and we were back in Charlotte with a few minutes to unwind before Monday morning.


I am so thankful that I finally got to meet the infamous Mimi. She is a hoot! I am also thankful for the time that I got to spend with Matt’s family.  While it was very tough being away from my family for the first holiday ever (eek!!!), I am glad that this trip worked out!