Uber Barbie

Last year I posted about my excitement that Uber was coming to Charlotte! I am a huge fan of Uber and chose it any day over a cab. Not only do their cars not smell like vomit and late-night Wendy’s, their drivers are actually nice and polite. On Valentines Day my driver gave me a rose, and on New Years, my driver had  a cooler full of bottled waters. Genius!

Fast forward to last week when I saw on twitter that Uber was giving away an “Uber Date Night”. I applied to the contest and didn’t think much more about it. On Friday afternoon I was on my way home from work when I received a call from Gretchen Edwards, the Charlotte community manager with Uber. She shared the great  news that I was the lucky contest winner! After a very LONG week, Gretchen’s news came at the perfect time. She let me know that I had an appointment for a blow out and make up application the next day.

The girls at Blo Blow Dry Bar on Selwyn Ave. made me feel fabulous. I was greeted by a mimosa and a menu of different blow-out options. I chose the “Red Carpet”. Within an hour I was washed, blowed, and sent on my way. Blo was super busy and I am glad to see they are doing so well for being so new. I’ve been to other blow-out bars in Charlotte, and was happy to see that staff at Blo didn’t have the snobby vibe I’ve received at other salons.

photo (15)

My next appointment was at Woo Skincare and Cosmetics. Woo’s happens to be in the shop located right next to Blo, so I didn’t have to worry about my gorgeous locks getting messed up in the blustery February winds. Woo is set-up similar to a Belk or Nordstrom cosmetic department with different “stations” for different brands. They carry brands like Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, Smashbox, Trish McEvoy and YSL. I was taken to the Bobbi Brown station (not sure how they decide who goes where) and had a very friendly sales associate help me “put my face on”. You can purchase individual products, but they also offer professional make-up application and other spa services. There was a group of bridesmaids getting their make-up done while I was in there – great idea!

photo (16)

Matt didn’t walk away empty-handed either. He received a $50 gift card to a new men’s store on Selwyn, The Sporting Gent. The Sporting Gent carries a variety of brands from Southern Proper to Costa del Mar to Yetti Coolers. I know he will not have any trouble finding a way to spend that gift card. He also received a polo shirt and hat from a company called B.B. Boyd. The founder of B.B. Boyd is from South Carolina which makes me want to support the business even more.

So what do you do when you’re all dolled up on a Saturday? Have date night!Uber generously put $150 credit in my Uber account which more-than-covered our transportation for the evening.

photo (17)

Do yourself a favor and download the Uber app now. The advantages to taking Uber far outweigh your average cab. One, they come QUICK…like not enough time to even apply lip gloss quick. Two, everything is done from your app. No waiting for a dispatcher to answer, and no need to even get your wallet out. The app stores your credit card info and you’re charged and on your merry way (no worries at all if you’ve accidentally left your credit card at the bar). Thanks for a wonderful afternoon of pampering and a safe and enjoyable night!



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