Go Shawty…

This past Thursday was Matt’s 28th birthday. And since I know all of his friends are anxiously waiting a rundown on the weekends events, here y’all go (and thanks for following the blog fellas!):

Thursday: This was Matt’s actual birthday and he somehow managed to pull-off playing in a company-sponsored golf tournament all day. A day at the course certainly beats working on TPS Reports all day. Still not sure how he finagled that one. After his “grueling day”, we met at Brixx for his his “birthday dinner”. I love birthdays…so much that I try to celebrate the entire month of February, and then again during my half-birthday in August. Matt however, does not, and prefers to keep things simple. Thus why we ate at Brixx, the same place we eat every Thursday. To commemorate the birthday, we took a tequila shot. At Brixx. Who does that? We also split one shot two ways. Things were getting CRAZY! Is this what happens when you get old….?  After dinner we headed over to Common Market, one of our favorite hang-out spots. Matt bought a six-pack and only drank one beer. Wow, if only our 21-year-old-selves could see us now. They would be highly devastated.

We ended the night opening presents and cards. I got Matt a new needlepoint Florida Gators key chain (I chose to purchase this one vs. making myself like the belt), a book about the Charlotte Beer scene and a new yoga Matt. Poor boy had been using the ones the Y provides; gross and too short. My parents got Matt these awesome ice ball trays that make the perfect ice sphere. The spheres last much longer in your drink vs. typical cubes and prevents it from getting watered down. Ain’t nobody got time for diluted whiskey.

Friday: Matt thought all of the birthday surprises were over, but I had one more up my sleeve. Friday morning I snuck over to Matt’s place and quickly straightened up for the surprise visitors that would be arriving later in the day. One of Matt’s high school best friends and his wife drove up from Florida to help celebrate the birthday boy. All day I had been texting Matt telling him to leave work early. He finally complied around 4:30 and I told him just to meet me at Sewlyn for a drink. Boy was he surprised when he walked into the bar to see Brett and Gabi sitting at a table with me. We spent the rest of the afternoon catching up and enjoying the beautiful weather. That evening we took them to Mac’s Speed Shop (one of our favorites) for dinner and then back to Common Market for a night cap.

Saturday: We wanted Brett and Gabi to be able to see all the cool parts of Charlotte, so we decided an afternoon in NoDa would be a great way to spend the day. Unfortunately, Brett had a little too much fun the night before and wasn’t able to make it out. That was OK because Matt, Gabi and I had a good time anyways. We had delicious BBQ Fish Tacos from Cabo Fish Taco and then enjoyed local craft beer from NoDa Brewing Company and Bird Song Brewing Co. We enjoyed being lazy, eating peanuts , playing Jenga and recounting all those infamous high school memories. We all went home and napped for a bit, and then reconvened to watch the Gators and Gamecocks both pull out a win.

Sunday:  I said my goodbyes Saturday night because I knew I wouldn’t be able to make brunch on Sunday. Matt took Gabi and Brett to 300 East, a Dilworth staple. Unfortunately, I had to go early to help set up for the annual company picnic. Because isn’t that what everyone wants to do on their Sunday? Hang out with the same people they see 40+ hours a week AND their spouses AND their children? It actually ended being a fun event and I know that it was exactly how Matt wanted to end his birthday weekend.

Matt – Cheers to being 28! I love you and cannot wait to see what this year brings. The best is yet to come!