Q2 Goals: Revisited


  • Book wedding photographer  So excited that the talented Angela Garbot is coming from the Windy City to be our wedding photographer!
  • Take engagement pictures – Because Angie lives in Chicago it was tough to schedule our engagement session, but happy to report those will be taken next weekend
  • Book honeymoon – Blah! Still no progress on this…
  • Order wedding invitations  Check!
  • Finish wedding website  Check! Just waiting on our engagement pictures before publishing it
  • Find a place for us to live This consumed most of the quarter, but we found an awesome place to live…more to come on that!
  • Read “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill – haven’t had much leisure time for reading, but this is still on the list of things to do…and trust me, we’re going to need all of the riches we can get once this wedding is over.
  • Clean out my closets Check! Moving will force you to do this (and will also make you want to sell everything you own!)
  • Plant herb garden – Didnt get around to this one, but now that we have a great porch, maybe this will happen
  • Sand and Repaint Kitchen Table Check! Blog post coming soon!
  • Go to a Hilliard class 4x a week Check! I have a love/hate relationship with that place, but I can definitely tell my hard work is paying off. In June I participated in their “Summer Sizzle” contest and went 5x a week.
  • Hike Crowder’s Mountain – After reading about the lady who fell off of Crowders Mountain and died, this goal was pushed to the bottom of the list.

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