Wedding Wednesday: Honeymooning


It seems like we’ve tackled almost every wedding project under the sun except for planning our honeymoon. Which is actually really insane when you think about it since that is one of the most fun parts of this whole process! We’ve both done a little research but keep going back to the same dilemma…

All of our married friends have told us how exhausted we will be after all of the wedding festivities and to pick a relaxing destination. To us, a tropical vacation with not much to do sounds fantastic. But then I remember who I am, and a busy-bee like me has a hard time sitting for an hour, let alone an entire week. The pro’s of going somewhere tropical is that most are a close plane ride away, they are relatively affordable, and will still have warm weather in October.


The other part of me keeps telling myself that it’s our honeymoon, the once in a lifetime trip that we’ll never be able to do once we have a house and kids. Maybe I’ve been brainwashed by the marketing departments at The Knot, but there is a valid point to that. We don’t whats in the cards for us in the future and if we will ever have the time and money to do a big trip again. When you think of it like that, the options are endless. I would love to do Italy, Indonesia, Africa or Greece. But I know how much of a whirlwind a cross-Atlantic trip can be. We have gone on two week-long trips to Europe and were exhausted by the end. The flights are usually 9+ hours and then all of the smaller flights, trains, planes and buses required to get to your destinations.

I fully understand that this is a totally a First World Problem…and at the end of they day if we ended up at the Treehouse Vineyards in Monroe, North Carolina I would be fine because its a week away with my husband. But I also feel the pressure to start booking flights and accommodations since we’re almost to the 5 month mark! Would love to hear about your fabulous vacation destinations!


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