Q1 Goals: Revisited

It’s crazy to thing 3 months have already come and gone! While I accomplished most things on my list, I did leave a few things outstanding that I will roll over to next quarter. Thanks for keeping me honest and accountable!

  •  Put $1,000 into savings each month Thankfully my annual bonus was pretty good this year and I was able to put all of that into savings along with my $1k a month too CHA-CHING!
  • Pay off remaining credit card balance (~$600)  I will never use a credit card again, I will never use a credit card again!!
  • Save an additional $360/month to pay off student loan early I should have used my bonus check for this, but….nahhh
  • Complete one month of Whole30; lose 5 pounds I would say I completed 60% of this goal. I was a a bit over halfway though the month when the engagement happened to W30 came to a screeching halt with all of the celebrations
  • Read “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill – didn’t get a chance to read this
  • Volunteer 1x per month

January: My dad and I took my parents dog, Ellie, to visit a nursing home one Saturday morning. It is amazing the amount of joy one little fluff ball can bring into someones life. She is always on her best behavior and the perfect size to hop into someones lap. There is something about a dog that is so therapeutic. I also cherish the time that I get to serve with my dad. I am thankful for his kind heart and that he passed down the importance of giving back




February: The Junior League of Charlotte has ‘adopted’ Reid Park Academy as our Cornerstone Project. Reid Park is a Pre-K-8, Title One, Community School in West Charlotte. There are eight neighborhoods that feed into Reid Park Academy where the median household incomes range from $7,460-$29,341. The Junior League has committed to a $1 million investment in Reid Park through 2016; $500,000 in funds and $500,000 of volunteer time.

I am an advisor to a group of amazing women who are in their first year in the League. Part of their new-member responsibilities included planning an event at Reid Park. My group did a fantastic job planning a day full of learning and fun surrounding black history month. The students learned about Phillip Emeagwali; an engineer, mathematician, computer scientist, and geologist. After the teaching, the students split into groups and were instructed to make the tallest structure they could using spaghetti noodles, tape, string, and a marshmallow. I was amazed out how ingenious the structures were. Kids have a great way of jumping in without over analyzing every detail. I loved my day at Reid Park Academy and think I might have had more fun than the kids did 😉

photo (36)

March:  A few people from my company  volunteered at Urban Ministries. We met early and prepared lunch and then served it. Urban Ministries serves meals 7 days a week, and has two hot meals on Tuesdays and Fridays. They also have showers, telephones, mailboxes and provide rides to interviews, etc. They also provide drug and alcohol abuse counseling, job counseling, and have an art room where the ‘neighbors’ can be creative. The art is then sold and the neighbor keeps half, and the other half goes back into the program. The volunteer coordinator expressed to us that many of the neighbors who cycle through were simply dealt a bad hand, or an unexpected illness came through and wiped out all that they have. It really put into perspective how easy it is to lose everything. I did not know this organization existed but am so glad for all they are doing for the homeless population in Charlotte.


FullSizeRender (1)

  • Be more spiritual – 10 minutes of quiet time/devotion/meditation daily I have been forcing myself to get up 10 minutes earlier each day so I can focus and set the intention for the day. Waking up at the last minute and rushing to get out the door started the day with a frazzled feel. I love my quiet time in the morning before I go out in the world. I either read a devotion from “Jesus Calling”, or visit the app/website “She Reads Truth”. I’ve also downloaded a few free meditation Podcasts which I enjoyed a lot more than I thought I would.
  • Find a church home and attend regularly After a lot of searching, Matt and I finally feel like we’ve found a church home. We attended a very large church here in Charlotte, but never felt truly connected. After attending Watershed on a whim (we received a postcard in the mail!) we were hooked. After only attending twice we had already jumped right in and have joined a small group/Bible study. There is something about Watershed that is so authentic and pure. It is a lot smaller than what we were used to so there is truly a community feel. You can tell that you are not just a number and that everyone there is valued.
  • Explore MBA programs and/or SPHR certification I attended an info session for the University of South Carolina MBA program. The program sounds great, but with all that is involved with planning a wedding, this will unfortunately have to be put on the back burner.
  • Send 3 random notes/call friends or family I’ve lost touch with The engagement was my big news of the quarter {year} so that gave me a good reason to call or get in touch with family & friends I don’t always keep up with.
  • Complete a social media detox for 7 days I actually did this twice since I enjoyed the first round so much. In order to completely detox, I had to actually delete the apps off of my phone and iPad. I know this is sad, but the habit of rolling over first thing in the morning and checking Instagram was too tempting. The apps have all  been re-downloaded, but it was certainly nice to take a break from the constant checking and refreshing.

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