Wedding Wednesday: Bridesmaid Boxes


One of the most exciting parts of wedding planning thus far has been asking my bridesmaids to be apart of our big day. We have both been very lucky to be blessed with many close and dear friends, which made the decision really tough. Ultimately though we decided that we wanted to keep the wedding party small and intimate. You always hear that you want people in your wedding who you you’ll still keep in touch with 20 years from now, and I feel confident that our group emulates that to “T”.

I knew I wanted to do something special to ask, so I created a bridesmaid box using a plain white box and pink decals from Surcee Monogram Shop. I filled the inside of the box with pink tissue paper and fun crinkle paper and then a heart shaped balloon and the cutest little can and straw of champagne; all things that “POP“.

2 of my 6 bridesmaids live here in Charlotte and the other 4 are scattered all over from Mississippi to Chicago. For those who live here in town, I hand delivered the boxes (plus one to a friend who happened to be in town for the weekend) and the other 3 I mailed with instructions to FaceTime me upon receiving.

photo 1 (10)

Whitney, Leslie, Kathleen, Chelsea, Carrie & Caroline: you all mean the world to me and embody the definition of a true friend. I feel honored that you all will be by my side not only on October 10th, but for the rest of our lives. Thank you for the love and support you’ve shown us, and I will try my best to not be a demanding diva (but I can’t make any guarantees!).

photo (30)


photo (33)




 photo (23)


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