This time last week I was laying on the beach drinking as many cocktails as the all-inclusive resort would allow. Me, my mom and sister did the 52 week money challenge in 2014 with the end goal of using the almost $1,400 to go on a girls trip. We decided Mexico in late January would help our seasonal affective disorder blues so we booked a trip for a long weekend. With the engagement frenzy, blizzards and an upcoming birthday, this trip was just what the doctor ordered!



We left early Thursday morning and flew direct from Charlotte into Cancun. The flight was less than 2 hours and easy breezy. A quick twenty-minute cab ride from the airport and we were at our resort for the week, The Grand Park Royal.

We got up early every morning and indulged in a hearty breakfast and then spent the remainder of the days laying by either the pool or the beach. Feeling the sunshine and seeing the most magnificent turquoise water was good for the soul. Each night we got dressed up and had dinner at one of the resorts three restaurants.

image3 (1)

image2 (1)


image2 (2)


image1 (2)


Singing karaoke has been on my mothers bucket list, so we figured what better place to cross that off the list than in Mexico where we would never have to see anyone ever again. All day long we had talked up our performance to all of the “friends” we had met at the resort. We wanted to ensure that we would have fans present. Because of the rain the karaoke was moved from a rooftop bar to a dark basement conference room, u-shaped table and projection screen and all; clearly not the optimum environment for stars like ourselves. The first song that was sang was Evanescene followed by slow song after boring song after momentum killer. We knew we needed to sing a crowd favorite that would get people out of their seats, so we decided on “Shout”. There were only two microphones so Whitney and I were on lead vocals, while mom took the role of “hype man”.

To say we bombed would be an extreme understatement. At one point I saw a man put his head in his hands and shake it in disgust. I couldn’t even look into the crowd because of all the terrified faces I saw. It was like performing in front of a group of blind and deaf geriatric patients. There was no interaction and there weren’t people dancing in the aisles as I had imagined it would go down in my head. Apparently these people had never been to a wedding before…Whitney and I even went as far as to get on the ground during “a little bit softer now” and that didn’t even win the crowd over (and I imagine that’s not an easy task with a broken foot and large boot). Special shout-out to the two men who at least clapped along and humored us.  I’ll save you the horror of the entire 5 minute video, but here is a small snip-it.


We felt terrible that Sandy’s karaoke debut went down in flames, but there’s always next time girl!! We had a few more drinks and then decided the best pick-me-up was to go back to the room where we proceeded to indulge in room service, including an entire chocolate cake. Isn’t the point of an all-inclusive to be as gluttonous as possible?

photo (25)

 We licked our wounds and got up the next morning ready for another fun day (we may have all worn hats and glasses as disguises) but there was no reason for us to feel down. In our minds, the performance was amazing and that’s all that matters. We ended the trip with a private yoga session and massage on the beach. What an incredibly relaxing and centering hour.

image (8)

Coming back to reality (and 30 degree temps) was not ideal, but we all felt so refreshed and rejuvenated and ready to take on the world again. I am so thankful for the four days in paradise with “Hewitt Amigas” and feel certain this will now become a yearly tradition!


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