Blue & White Thanksgiving Tablescape

My grandmother passed away when I was in the 8th grade, but I have vivid memories of having Sunday dinner at her house in Virginia. We would all sit in the exact same seats and have the same meal, and we wouldn’t have had it any other way. She was the sweetest and I wish I would have had more time with her as an adult because I know there was a lot more to her than I ever got to know. Besides the exquisite butter beans and mashed potatoes, I remember her blue and white china that we would eat off of. When my grandfather eventually passed, my dad and his brothers divided up their belonging and then sold what they didn’t want to keep. Unfortunately, as an 18 year old, I never thought to ask my dad to keep her plates for me. Fast-forward to two years ago when I decided I had to have that china. There was a small chance that one of my uncles kept it which is when the investigation started. There were emails, texts and phone calls and then eventually tracking down an ex-wife, but unfortunately the search came up empty. Although I didn’t have my grandmothers personal china, I knew I could honor her memory (and mine) by finding something similar.

If you’ve ever searched for blue and white china, you’ll find there are many different brands and patterns out there. Most have an Asian motif, but I specifically remember my grandmothers having historical scenes on them.

After scouring antique shops, estate sales and yard sales, I finally found the version she had; Shaffordshire Liberty Blue china. It turns out, my grandmother purchased the china using S&H green stamps; which was a program popular from the 1930s to the 1980s that allowed consumers to collect stamps from the grocery store, gas station, dry cleaners, etc. and then redeem them for items. Just knowing that my grandmother tirelessly saved for her set makes me love them even more.

This past year I completed my set of 12 dinner plates. I still have a few more salad plates to go, but I’m almost there. I’ve been to antique stores from Concord, NC to Alabama and it has been such a fun adventure for my mom and me to collect. Since my set was recently completed, I knew I wanted to use them for my Thanksgiving Tablescape this year. Typically, I’m in charge of the deviled eggs…and that’s about it. So, my mom was pleasantly surprised when I asked to take over the décor for the event.

photo (18)

The blue and white plates served as a great neutral for the palate I was going with, but wanted to add some pops of color as well. I used gold and magenta for accent colors and to create a modern look to balance out the “traditionalness” of the the plates. The magenta napkins were $7 for 14 napkins, so I knew at such a steal I could throw them away after the dinner and be fine with it. To personalize the napkins, I ordered heat transfer “H’s” and “S’s” from Surcee Monogram Shop and ironing them on was a breeze (AND they stayed on after the napkins were washed).

I also asked my family to take a silhouette picture of themselves and then turned them into these personalized place settings using some cheap wooden frames from Michael’s and gold spray paint. {silhouette tutorial here}

photo 1 (8)


For the centerpiece I bought two fake pumpkins from Michael’s, spray painted one a glossy blue and left the other orange. For the blue pumpkin, I added a large “H” vinyl decal and an assortment of navy polka dots to the orange pumpkin, again from Surcee. I cut a hole in both pumpkins and stuffed with some fall colored flowers.

I added some other small pumpkins, fall foliage from the yard, and lots of tea lights and candles to add to the ambiance. Overall, I am very happy with how my tablescape came together. It was such a fun project to work on and I love that in incorporated old and new, modern and traditional!



2 thoughts on “Blue & White Thanksgiving Tablescape

  1. Wondering if you can read Blogs in Heaven, because Grandmother and Pappy would be touched. The table looked magazine worthy and I think that “tablescaping” will have your name on it as we share holidays through the years. From deviled eggs to table decorating! Good girl! Sandy Hewitt


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