Q1 2015 Goals


At the beginning of each year I like to make a list of all of things that I would like to change or achieve in that year. Truth be told, by March or April, my goals have fallen by the wayside and I’m back to my Chick-fil-a breakfasts and obnoxious Target spending habit. I recently read this article that said making 90 day goals  can help you to be more successful in keeping your resolutions. The reason? Most people tend to slack off when they think they have an entire year to accomplish something. If you set goals in smaller increments it helps you to laser-focus on what you want and then you can do quarterly progress evaluations and reset when necessary. I hope that by publishing my list publically it will help me stay accountable. So, without further ado, here is my Q1 2015 list of goals:

  •  Put $1,000 into savings each month
  • Pay off remaining credit card balance (~$600)
  • Save an additional $360/month to pay off student loan early
  • Complete one month of Whole30; lose 5 pounds
  • Read “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill
  • Volunteer 1x per month
  • Be more spiritual – 10 minutes of quiet time/devotion/meditation daily
  • Find a church home and attend regularly
  • Explore MBA programs and/or SPHR certification
  • Send 3 random notes/call friends or family I’ve lost touch with
  • Complete a social media detox for 7 days

One thought on “Q1 2015 Goals

  1. These are wonderful goals! I have a few similar ones. I love the idea of smaller increments. Sometimes I try to start with one and then add another after a month (I think that was in the book The Happiness Project). I live in the QC too and drive a good twenty minutes to attend church in Dilworth (and drool over the neighborhood).

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