I’m Baaaack!


Wow – how has it been SEVEN MONTHS since I last posted? Time has a funny way of getting away from you. Things at work really started to pick up towards the beginning of summer and I was traveling almost every other week. When I was in town, I was trying to catch up on everything I had neglected, and sadly the ol blog did not make the list of top priorities. Between Matt and I, we had 15 weddings to attend last year as well. Most weekends were spent traveling throughout the southeast to parties, showers, or weddings, and then spending Sunday’s recovering and being bummed the hamster wheel of life started again the next day. The reason I started my blog was so that I would have a place to record what was happening in my life (and because my parents and grandmother are avid readers). I know one day when I’m old and gray and in the nursing home, I’ll be glad I can look back and remember how awesome life was. I resolve to be better about keeping up with it in 2015!

Oh what a year 2014 was! We kicked off the year by spending my 26th birthday in a castle in Slovenia and skiing the Alps in Switzerland (not sure how Matt plans to top that this year…).

I knew I wanted to use the year to soak up and learn the most I could. My motto was to be the best version of myself that I could be. I learned how to sew and shoot skeet. I took calligraphy lessons and somehow roped Matt into taking an 8-week shag dancing course, which was more fun than I can even describe. We were the youngest by at least thirty years. The dance hall was straight out of 1970’s Myrtle Beach. After class, the “club” opens it’s doors to it’s “members” for Open Dance Night, and most Thursday’s we found ourselves stumbling out of there at closing time after a few too many vodka soda’s.

I also started taking tennis lessons, which is by far is the best part of every week. I’m no Sharapova, but there is something about it that is addicting and I hope I continue to get better. I also started seeing a personal trainer three mornings a week. I’m not sure what’s worse…the 5:30am wake-up call, or the burpees. He pushes me to my limit and has taught me I’m much stronger than I give myself credit for.

Along with the 15 weddings, I was able to see my college best friends for two Delta reunions, went to USC, Panther and Virginia Tech football games, tried a new winery and a hipster bike riding club. We took our annual 4th of July trip to Chicago and the Hewitt’s and Stanton’s traveled to Jacksonville for the first annual “July Jacksonville Jubilee” at the Helgeson’s.  To top it all off, a selfie with Al Roker.

2014 was, with ease, the best year of my life. I am well aware I am blessed beyond measure and am looking forward to the opportunities that 2015 brings!

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