Eurotrip Recap Day 3: Go Shawty, It’s Your Birthday


We woke up around 9am and decided we weren’t ready to get up just yet. So we went back to sleep and didn’t get back up until almost 1pm. 16 hours later and we were finally caught up on our sleep. Plus, when you’re the birthday princess, you can sleep as long as you want and not feel guilty about it. I hopped out of bed with an extra pep in my step because it was my 26th birthday!

We showered and set out for a birthday lunch at Paninoteka in which I indulged in a little salad and a lot of peach champagne. Next up after lunch was part of my birthday gift from Matt; a couples massage. It was Matt’s first time getting a massage and my fingers were crossed that he would love every minute of it, resulting in frequent massages in my future. We got to the spa and slipped into some robes and then found out that we wouldn’t be in the same room. I was worried about Matt being alone, but that quickly left my mind the second I got on the table. My massage was absolutely amazing and the most relaxed I’ve been in a months. The masseuse had to wake me up when it was over. We were able to use the amenities of the spa afterwards, so we opted for some detox time in the sauna. Although we felt like wet noodles, we dragged ourselves back to our rooms to get ready for my birthday dinner.

photo 2 (16)

Matt had made reservations at the Ljubljana Castle for our special dinner. The castle sits on top of a big hill that overlooks the city. To get to the top you can either walk up a trail (um..birthday girls don’t climb mountains) or take the Funicular to the top. The FUNicular (I like to emphasize the FUN!) is a box with glass sides, glass top, and glass floor. You board the cabin at the lower station and it runs on a thin line of rails to the top of the mountain. It only took about 60 seconds to get to the top but we had the most beautiful view looking over the entire city. We had some time to kill before our reservations so we explored around the grounds of the castle. We were the only people up there, and it was very dark. A little too creepy for my liking.

Dinner was a Na Gradu – a charming restaurant nestled in the interior of the castle. We chose to sit on the outdoor patio, which was enclosed with glass. It was the best of both worlds; beautiful views, but the comfort of warmth. The menu changes daily based on what fresh ingredients they have. I ordered ravioli stuffed with pumpkin and bacon and Matt ordered deer. Our waiter was extremely helpful and personable and upon learning we were from NC, he told us his favorite golfer is SC native, Dustin Johnson. How random! He brought us some sweet wine and kindly called us a cab since the funicular stopped running at 8pm. Our cab driver dropped us of at a restaurant lounge that our Charlotte friend had recommended the night before. Slon had an elephant theme which just so happens to be my favorite animal. I enjoyed some birthday bubbly and we were able to connect to WiFi and FaceTime our families. The bar closed at 12, but Matt convinced the bartender to service us one more round.

We made it back to the hotel around 1am which is when the missing cell phone scandal began. I emptied the contents of my purse and jacket pockets and couldn’t  find my iPhone anywhere. Because it was in airplane mode, Matt couldn’t call it and “find my iPhone” wouldn’t work either. Matt instructed me to throw on my coat and that we needed to run back to the bar before they closed. Nothing gets me running faster than a momma and her lost baby. We passed the bartenders in the street and they were very kind to unlock the bar and help us search for my phone. Unfortunately, our search came up empty handed and I was definitely the “it’s your birthday, you can cry if you want to” girl. It had me questioning if it was my 21st or 26th birthday. Of course sweet Matt assured me that everything would be OK. We got back into the room and Matt reached down into my travel bag and poof out came my phone. It was a birthday miracle! I felt pretty dumb for running through the streets of LJU at 1am and for my theatrical performance at the end of the night, but was so happy to be reunited.

I ended my birthday a very happy girl with a full heart. It was an absolutely perfect day and I can’t imagine it spending it any other way. Poor Matt has set the bar VERY high for next year 😉


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