Eurotrip Recap: Days 1 & 2

It’s been over three months since our amazing Eurotrip vacation and I am just now getting around to posting about it…oops! I have been getting very nostalgic about our travels lately and a the travel bug certainly keeps biting. Since we don’t have any upcoming trips, I will try to scratch my itch by reliving the good memories.

Day 1: Lufthsana is trying to get us drunk

photo 1 (16)

We left Charlotte Saturday around 5:30pm heading to Munich, Germany. It was my first time flying Lufthansa and boy was it a night and day experience from flying on any American Airlines. Right after takeoff, the attendants came thru the cabin offering beer/wine/liquor of your choice.  Soon after they came through with hot towels to clean your hands. We were then served dinner and more wine. The attendants actually walked through the aisles with wine bottles asking if anyone wanted refills on their dinner wine. Wee were then offered an after-diner-drink of Baileys of Cognac. Within an hour of being on the flight we had already been served 4x as many drinks as we did on our last international flight on US Airways. The biggest difference was the pleasant flight attendants who actually cared that we had an enjoyable flight.

After dinner I decided to pick a movie and fall asleep early. My biggest mistake on our flight to Spain was that I stayed awake the majority of the flight and I ended up being exhausted the entire next day. The plane offered a lot of great movie selections and I felt it was only appropriate to watch ‘Cool Runnings’  (Sanka, ya dead mon?) in honor of the winter Olympics that would be starting in Sochi in just a few days. I also dozed in and out of ‘The Butler’ and before I  knew it, the cabin lights were coming on and we were about to land in Munich. Neither Matt nor I felt like we had slept a wink and were exhausted when the wheels hit the runway.

Day 2 (morning): The land of beer and sausage

We landed in Munich around 7:30am on Sunday morning which was almost an hour earlier than the flight was supposed to land. The Munich airport is huge and I am still uncertain if we were in an airport or on Rodeo Dr. Before 9am, I had already tried to convince Matt to buy me an Hermes bangle, Burberry scarf and a Rolex. I was hoping  the sleep deprivation would trick  him into agreeing, but only ended up with a carrot and apple smoothie. The Munich airport was extremely nice and clean. The Lufthansa terminal offered free coffee and expresso in multiple places and free magazines and newspapers. There was also an entire section of reclining seats, perfect for an early morning nap. Also interesting was an enclosed glass box inside of the terminal where you could smoke…those Europeans love their cigs!

Our flight to Ljubljana didn’t leave Munich until 11:45 so we had a good 4 hours to kill. We spent most of it being one of “those people” sprawled out across a row of chairs, sleeping at the airport. Finally our boarding time arrived and we walked down the ramp as if we were getting on the plane. Instead, we boarded a bus that drove us all around the airport and dropped us off in a random parking lot where a small plane was parked. The flight to Ljubljana was only 40 minutes in which I spent the duration passed out. I hear I missed an amazing view as we flew over the Alps…tear.

photo 4 (13)

Day 2 (afternoon):  It’s a small world after all

We landed in Ljubljana and got our bags with no problems. Our driver was waiting for us right as we walked out; easy breezy. He told us that Ljubljana had just experienced one of the worst ice storms they had seen in almost 30 years! It snows often in LJU  but apparently not like the ice they had recently seen. Within 20 minutes we pulled up the Grand Union Hotel. We got to our room and both looked at each other with disbelief when we saw how small our bed was. We figured it must be a mistake, so Matt went downstairs to see about switching to a room with a bigger bed. He came back up to the room shortly after, letting me know that he was told by the young man at the front desk that our bed was a “king”. Yeah…right…maybe if our room was a dollhouse. It appeared to be smaller than a double, had only 1 pillow, a blanket that didn’t cover the entire bed, and no sheet. The good news is that we were so exhuasted that it didn’t matter. We crawled into bed and took an hour nap to recharge our batteries. The hotel was about a 2 minute walk from the famous “Old Town” area which is the city center with shops, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. A river runs in the middle of all the shops and it was so quaint and beautiful. We walked around and got our bearings and then decided on a pizza place for a late lunch/early dinner. We finished around 5 and knew we would pass out if we went back to the room, so we explored some more until we found the most perfect wine bar, Dvorni. At this point the rain had turned to snow and was powdery and beautiful. Dvorni had 100’s of glasses of wines to choose from. I had no idea what to get so I played it safe with the house wine. We were both so exhausted that we barley talked to each other. We both noticed a man at the table beside us was wearing a Carolina Panthers sweatshirt. What are the chances?? We struck up a conversation with him and turns out he went to high school and college in Charlotte and now lives in Latvia. He was in LJU for work . He was a super nice guy and invited us to watch the Super Bowl with him later that night. The only problem was that the Super Bowl started at 12:30am and we knew there was no chance we’d still be awake. We ended up crashing around 9pm. The bed could have been a sleeping bag at that point and I dont think either one of us would have cared or noticed.

photo 5 (6)

photo 3 (14)


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