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I have been on the threading train for around two years now. I  never felt like waxing my eyebrows really gave me the results I was looking for…plus, in about 2 weeks it was already time to wax again. I fell victim to the threading kiosk in the middle of South Park mall a few years ago. Embarrassing? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely!


  • Of all methods that there are of shaping eyebrows, Threading gives the most control, shaping the brows identically on both sides and exactly the way you need it.
  • It epilates hair at follicle level, due to which the period between two sessions can go up to a month. Also, threading can take off hair from very close to the skin. It does not need to be of a certain length to be threaded. Experts can even coax hair out of the skin just as it’s breaking the skin surface.
  • It does not have any side effects, as there is no external application of any substance. It’s non-invasive. Reactions, if any, are very rare. It’s very rare, but one can suffer from slight red bumps, which go away after a few hours.
  • When done by a practiced and efficient threading artist, it can be painless. A threading expert can remove an entire row of hair in one go, which makes it very quick as well.
  • To take off hair fast, the Threading artist needs to use thread that has not threaded. Hence it’s hygienic, as the only thing that is used is a specially designed cotton thread which is broken and discarded after removing each strip of hair.
  • Threading is the preferred method of hair removal by the Dermatologist as it does not have any side effects. It is ideal for patients suffering from Rosacea and those with thin or extra sensitive skin.

I’ve been trekking to South Park to get my eye brows threaded until I realized that Idolize had opened a salon in Kennilworth Commons, near the Harris Teeter in Dilworth. I was even more excited to find that Idolize is offering 50% off threading services for the month of May, making them only $6!!


2 thoughts on “Threading > Waxing

  1. Good to know. It’s been a year since I’ve had mine threaded. Think I will go this month with this special. Thanks for investigative work and deal shout out.

    Sandy Hewitt 704.995.3501


  2. I’ve had my eyebrows threaded here and love love love it! Not to mention they have awesome deals on Brazilian waxing and facials.

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