Save the Food Trucks!

FTThe Charlotte Mecklenburg Planning Committee has proposed regulations that will hurt the Food Truck industry. One of the regulations that would negatively impact the industry the most is the proposed rule that food trucks cannot operating within 50 feet of a restaurant, nightclub or bar. That means no more Food Truck Friday’s and no more setting up in front of craft breweries.

While at Triple C Brewery last week, I was able to speak with the owner of The Tin Kitchen food truck. He is worried that these new regulations will make it nearly impossible to serve the Charlotte public. Mobile food vendors are small businesses who are trying to survive the economic downturn. He is hoping to get as many signatures on his petition has possible to show the City that the Charlotte community wants Food Trucks to stay.

The Proposed Amendments to the current laws would, among other things:

  • Prohibit food trucks from accepting requests to provide service in residential neighborhoods for parties, HOA events, neighborhood block parties, weddings, and other special events.
  • Restrict food trucks from accepting requests to provide service to offices and businesses that are not in officially zoned office parks.
  • Force food trucks to park at least 50′ from the nearest restaurant or bar. This would affect the many craft breweries that rely on the trucks to provide meals to their customers.
  • Prohibit food trucks from gathering more than one time a week in a specific location.
  • Require food trucks to receive a special permit from the city to gather in groups larger than four trucks.
  • Require food trucks to purchase one permit for every three locations where they plan to serve, which would be a financial hardship.

You can sign the petition here.

Read more here:


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