25 Ways To Know You Live in The Queen City

Have y’all seen this BuzzFeed article that’s been going around, 25 Ways to Know You Live in The Queen City?

A few of my favorites…

3. You’ve felt significantly underdressed while working out at the Dowd.

5. You learn more about golf during the Wells Fargo Championship than you ever did in your life

7. You run into at least 10 people you know at the ‘Club’ Teeter whenever you go…so you always make sure to look presentable

8. You still go to the Charlotte Observer daily out of habit…and get angry when this pops up

14. You try to avoid the Epicenter during weekends whenever possible

25. You watch Homeland just to see if you recognize parts of Charlotte or people


What are some things you think are distinctive to living in The Queen City?




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