2013…A Year in Review

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With 2013 coming to an end, it’s time to reflect on the year. I sure have been blessed beyond measure!

January:  Matt and I started 2013 with a bang! As part of my Christmas present, Matt surprised me with a trip to Chicago to to attend my sister and brother-in-laws annual New Years Eve party. The entire weekend was perfect and we had such a great time exploring the city together. To top off a perfect weekend, we were able to catch the Gamecocks win (and Clowney knock off someones head) their bowl game against Michigan in the airport on the way back to Charlotte…

February: The surprises of January carried over into February with a surprise 25th birthday party that Matt threw me. Isn’t he just the best? I walked into his apartment thinking we were going to watch the Super Bowl. To my surprise, almost all of my best friends and family were packed into Matt’s apartment waiting for me to get there. It was one of the moments that I felt intensely loved and crazy lucky to have such amazing people in my life.

March: For Easter we headed down to Matt’s grandparents lake house in Westville, FL. Lake Victor sits right on the border of Florida and Alabama and is a place that is incredibly important to Matt. For one, his beloved Mimi lives there. I had heard many stories about Mimi and talked to her on the phone, but had never met her in person until this Easter trip. Second, the lake is extremely tranquil and peaceful and really forces you to relax and disconnect. I cherish the time I was able to spend with Mimi (and the rest of Matt’s family)

April: In April I jet set again to Key West, FL to celebrate #KeyWhit — my sisters bachelorette party. The “last fling before the ring” was an amazing few days spent in paradise with all of Whitney’s closest friends. Let me tell you, Key West is FUN! It’s super relaxed and laid back, but a town that likes to have a good time. Word to the wise…GRAIN TRAIN from Flying Monkey’s!

May: The biggest event of our entire year took place in May. My sister married her sweetheart, Bob. The wedding was the most amazing event I’ve ever been to. It was so incredibly perfect that I truly felt like I was in a movie the entire time. The venue, the food, the decor, and the friends and family made it a memory our family will cherish forever. My sister was the most beautiful I’ve ever seen her and she was radiating happiness the entire day. And even though he does drive me crazy sometimes, it’s pretty awesome I now have a brother!

June: I was able to cross off a bucket item list in June — Crash a Wedding. Matt and I and a few friends spent a long weekend in beautiful Daufuskie Island, a private island right off of Hilton Head. Daufuskie is perfectly serene and the best place to go off the grid and get away from life. We had a hilarious few days being lazy and enjoying the sun. On our last night there we drank enough whiskey to muster up the courage needed to crash a wedding that was taking place on the island. We went as far as to order drinks and get some appetizers before we politely asked to leave the premises. Oops!

July: The travel bug hit again and we packed up and headed to Chicago to spend a patriotic 4th of July with my sister and her husbands family. There is never a dull moment with that crew and we are so lucky to only be an 1.5 plane ride away from such an amazing city!

August:  One Sunday in August, Matt and I went to church thinking it was a normal Sunday. However, our lives were about to forever change after a powerful sermon which we both decided to be baptized. We both were baptized as small children, but wanted to do it again to affirm that the decision was ours, and not our parents. Being baptized was the most pure and holy moment I have ever experienced.  I went under with all of my sin, regrets, embarrassments, ugliness and unworthiness. But was washed by the water…revived and RAISED TO LIFE. Hallelujah!

September:  In September we took the trip of a lifetime to Spain! Matt had a work trip and I was lucky enough to tag-along. Having never left the country before, this was a huge trip full of adventure and excitement. Traveling internationally gives you such a different perspective on life and on people. It is a memory and an opportunity that I will cherish forever.

November:  In November my family took a road trip to Waynesboro, VA — my birth place and home of my grandparents, aunts and uncles. Matt joined us for the trip and I was happy he was able to see where I’m from. My sister and Bob flew down to meet us which was a nice treat. We went to the UVA vs. Clemson football game and drank a little too much moonshine, oops. Lucky for me, my grandparents happen to love moonshine (and Limoncello) just as much as we do! It was a great weekend spent with family and close friends.

December: This month has been a whirlwind with end-of-year deadlines, shopping, trips, and holiday parties, but am so thankful for the year that I’ve had. I am so thankful for my wonderful family, dear friends, my health, my career and my faith.


Cheers to 2014 and the opportunities and memories that lie ahead!


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