DIY Peppermint Initial Wreath

I don’t know about you, but I’m more in the holiday spirit this year than ever before. I think it has something to do with the fact that there is a week less to celebrate, so I’m overcompensating. Anyways, I saw this adorable wreath on the Two Twenty One blog. A craft project that requires minimal amounts of materials AND candy….sign me up!


– Letter of your choice: I used a wooden letter H, but you can use paper mache, etc.

– Red paint

– Peppermints

– Red Ribbon

– Wreath Hanger

I started  by painting my letter red. I chose a dark red paint so that the bright red of the peppermints would pop. I used cheap craft paint because I live in a condo with an interior door. For those of you who have an exterior door, you might want to use a Rustoleum to protect it against the winter elements.

Next you might want to recruit a helper Elf to assist you in unwrapping all the peppermints…Then lay out all of the peppermints on the letter to make sure the spacing looks right. Once I had an idea of where I wanted them all, I used a glue gun to attach the peppermints. I think you could probably use Elmer’s glue as well.

photo (10)

The next step was to glue the red ribbon to the back of the letter and finish with a bow.

 Note: I first used a suction cup to hang my wreath. After all of 10 seconds of the wreath being up, it fell, hit the ground and looked like this….yikes!

photo (8)

Advice: Use the 3M Command Strips. They are cheap, and easy to apply. Plus they make it really easy to remove them with no damage when you’re ready.


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