A Sleepy Little Beach Town

Matt got up early and left for the day to go work (oh yeah, I forgot we were on this amazing Spain vacation because Matt actually had to work) and I rolled over to snooze a little longer. I woke up to find out it was already 1pm! Oops! I know the sleep was much-needed, but I was mad at myself for sleeping the morning away.

I threw on my bathing suit and walked down to the beach (about 2 blocks from our hotel). First thing I did was throw my towel down and run down to the water to put my feet in the Medditeranean Sea. It was amazing. The water was beautiful and and the beach was wide and clean. There were plenty of people also “tome el sol” so I felt safe being on my own.  I had the “pinching-myself-is-this-real-life” moment over and over again. I kept reminding myself how lucky I was to be able to be laying on a beach at the Medditeranean Sea on a Tuesday. Definitely blows any other Tuesday I’ve ever had out of the water!

I walked back up to the hotel around 5pm to meet MRH, and realized I had received quite the sunburn. Which I was secreltly really happy about.  We changed and then took a walk along the water and did some exploring around the marina. We were there for the perfect time to watch a beautiful sunset.

After our walk we headed back to the promenade (strip of bars and restaurants) to get dinner. MRH really wanted seafood since we were in a beach town, so we decided on Casa Llevanas. They had an actual fish tank in the front of their restaurant where they caught the food they served for dinner. Gross! Because of this, I ate a goat cheese salad and charcuterie platter. MRH got shrimp that came out displayed on a really neat scewer. MRH commented that the shrimp definitely had a different taste than it does in the states. It was boiled in salt water, and nothing like the spices he’s used to with his Bayou upbringing. After dinner, our waiter brought us three shots of “Moquito” liquour. We’re still not exactly sure what it was, but it was minty fresh and perfect after eating a big meal. Plus they were free, who turns down a free shot? We are thinking it was similar to after-dinner mint like in the US.

Matt’s coworker went back to the hotel, but we weren’t ready to go home yet. It was our last night in Cambrils and we wanted to explore some more. We ended up at a place called Siddharta, a beach bar, or “chiringuitos”. It had a Buddah statue and exotic feel with dark drapes and cushions on the floor. It was very unique a relaxed atmosphere. I ordered the customary moquito and MRH ordered a vodka tonic (both popular drinks in Spain). When our waiter delivered our drinks to the table he also brought a small dish of candy, similar to Sour Patch Kids. That is something we noticed about Spain is that almost every bar/restaurant brings you a small something with your drink (olives, bread, meat, nuts, etc.). We left Siddharta’s around 1am and climbed into bed to prepare for our next adventure, Madrid!

I loved Cambrils so much and would love to go back. It was the perfect, quaint, beach town with no frills. The people were all so helpful and went out of their way to assist us. Very few spoke English, which was refreshing. It was a fun challenge to try to communicate with someone who doesnt speak the language you do. I guess all those years of Spanish in high school and college werent a waste afterall!



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