The Long Haul


It hasn’t hit me yet that we’re leaving for Spain in just TWO days.  This trip came to fruition so quickly that I haven’t had much time to “think” (over-analyze, freak out, make excessive lists, visit the doctor for a Xanax prescription, etc.) about what is actually about to happen, and what it takes to get there.

The longest flight I’ve ever been on was about 4.5 hours which was to Las Vegas. This trip will be DOUBLE that in length. The trip to Vegas wasn’t  bad. The night before I decided I was in college still and pulled an all-nighter… staying out til 5am. I ran home to pack and prayed the entire way to the airport that I at least remembered to pack my work pants and a few pairs of clean underwear, and was on the plane by 7am. Truly a miracle. Needless to say, I passed out before we left Charlotte Douglas International and snoozed like a baby until we landed at McCarran.

The trip home was nearly unbearable. For starters, I had been in Vegas for seven days — which is the equivalent to about three weeks in normal time.  I had also spent those entire seven days with a coworker. A coworker who happened to be a mom in her 40’s who viewed our work trip as a vacation, bachelorette party, 21st birthday and escape from her husband and daughter all-in-one. To make matters even worse, I had just met Matt a few weeks before and was super eager to get back to see him. Time seemed like it was going backwards and no movie, magazine, or book could have made that trip any better.

Anyways, this flight on Saturday is around 9 hours. Not quite sure how I’m going to do it. Luckily, we leave at night and I’m hoping I’ll pass out and wake up in Barcelona. I’m also hoping that the excitement of the trip ahead will make the flight fly by.

Here’s where I need your help…

  • What travel accessories are a must-have?
  • Any iPad apps/games that help pass time? (I’m thinking I’ll probably relapse with my Candy Crush addiction)
  • Have you ready any books lately that you couldn’t put down?
  • I’m not a movie person, but am not opposed to downloading a few. Any great ones out there?
  • Do you have any song suggestions I should download? Not sure how many more times I can listen to “Applause” and “Blood on the leaves” before I’m over them.

2 thoughts on “The Long Haul

  1. We just went to Europe for the first time back in August and I freaked about the 9 hour flight too. There are USB chargers on the plane FYI. I did not sleep an ounce on the way over because I was so excited. I got us inflatable pillows at Target and those were great because they were adjustable and didn’t take up room in our luggage. Get a couple magazines, you’ll get fed a couple meals, listen to music, play candy crush. Time will actually go by pretty quickly. Wear comfy stretchy pants and a short sleeve and long sleeve shirt. You could stick a pair of socks in your bag in case your feet get cold. Hand sanitizer. Also bring clorox wipes and wipe yalls area down before you sit down (this will make it feel more like home). Good luck!!

  2. I loved a book I just read called Jewelweed.

    Am now reading Raney and Walking across Egypt both by Clyde Edgerton an NC writer. Also, Serena and One Foot in Eden by Ron Rash another NC writer – both great books and good reads.

    Have you thought about taking an old fashioned deck of cards? Go Fish, Memory, Spades, Hearts, Rummy can all be played with a simple deck. Great for passing the time. I also have Dominos and Bananagrams!

    WHAT AN ADVENTURE! I am so excited for you!!!!

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