Labor Free Weekend


My long weekend got started early on Thursday. I left work around 3pm, met my Dad, and headed down to God’s Country, USA for the kickoff of football season. My Carolina Gamecocks made me proud and proved once again who the REAL Carolina is. The game was suspended early in the fourth quarter, and Dad and I made it back to the car just in time to avoid a torrential downpour and pretty terrifying lightning storm. I consider myself a pretty huge fan, but hats off to those who waited over 100 minutes to watch the game resume.

photo (63)

photo (62)


I worked from home on Friday and may or may not have gotten my Labor Day weekend started early. I treated myself to a much needed pedicure and took my car to be washed; two things that put my soul at ease. After attending a few conference calls, I hopped in the shower and got ready for the evening. Matt’s mom and dad came to visit for the long weekend from Jacksonville, and I was so thrilled to see them. I met them over at Matt’s apartment and then we walked from there to Mac’s. Matt’s dad is obsessed with the sausage platter at Mac’s (a man after my own heart) and insists on eating there every time they’re in town. We walked home and ended the evening catching up some more.


My Saturday started early with a hair appointment…who schedules a hair appointment on the opening day of college football?! Luckily my appointment was early and I was out of the salon by noon. Just in time to head over to Matt’s where a college football marathon ensued.  Matt, his parents, and I all sat on the same sofa watching any and every possible college game we could from about 1pm, until I finally cracked and headed home around 11pm. We had two TV’s and three iPads going to ensure we didn’t miss a single second of one of the best days of the year.  Twelve hours of football, mimosas, and enough salsa to feed Mexico definitely does the body good. I even broke down and wore orange to be a supportive girlfriend. Just to be clear, the orange was for Florida and NOT Clemson.


On Sunday I headed over to my parents house to help them prepare for a Labor Day cookout they’ve been planning for a while now. My sister and her husband were in town, Matt and his parents, all of my sisters girlfriends, and my parents best friends and their extended family all came over. My mom went all out (per usual) with decorating the house to perfection and planning the perfect end-of-summer menu. To kickoff the cookout, mom had planned a neighborhood-wide scavenger hunt. She split us up into different teams, and we had 45-minutes to run throughout the neighborhood, asking neighbors for random items like handcuffs, take-out menus, and pirate gear. It was a great activity to help break the ice since not everyone knew each other. There was a lot of hilarious controversy that surrounded the competition, including multiple cheating scandals. Although my team didn’t win, we felt like we should have. And that’s all that matters, right? The night was so fun and ended in an intense corn hole competition. After everyone left, my family and Bob ended up just sitting around and chatting until after midnight.


Oh how glorious it was to not be at work on a gorgeous Monday! We all slept in late and then headed to lunch at one of our favorites, Brio. We made a quick trip to the mall and then sad our goodbyes. Sadly, my sister and Bob had to head back to the Windy City. Matt and I headed to his place where we sat on the porch and enjoyed the weather. We ended the long weekend with turkey burgers and beers at Bad Daddy’s. I love my family so much and truly cherish the time we get to spend together!

photo (64)


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