Weekend Recap


What was planned to be a low-key Friday evening, turned out to be an impromptu reunion with old friends. Matt and I walked down to Food Truck Friday to grab a casual dinner. If you haven’t been to FTF, you need to check it out. I remember going a year ago, and there being maybe 30 people there. It has certainly evolved. Now the lines wrap around the lot, and most trucks have a 30-45 minute wait. You can hardly even find room for your picnic blanket and chairs. I am so glad to see South End thriving! We decided on BBQ and okra, and Matt ran over to Common Market to grab some beverages. Why he thought it was a good idea to only buy me two mini wine bottles is beyond me…? While we were eating we ran into the majority of my close high school friends. We had no idea that they would all be there and it was great to catch up with everyone. Afterwards, we walked over to Gin Mill and let the reminiscing continue.


My dad met me at my place early Saturday morning to go on a bike ride. He bought me a road bike for Christmas, and I am embarrassed to admit that I have only ridden it a handful of times. I want to ride more often, and am glad my dad and I had the chance to get out on the road. We ended up doing around 15 miles; riding to South Park, Freedom Park, and a couple of laps around the Booty Loop, and then stopping for some lunch at Brueggar’s Bagel.  I definitely have the itch to ride again very soon!

After the ride, I met up with Matt, and we headed to The Ashton to meet some friends at their pool. The Ashton pool is so beautiful, and the rooftop has arguably the best views of the city.

Later that night we headed to 5Church to celebrate my dear friend Kelly’s birthday (Happy Birthday, KRR!). I ordered the wasabi crusted salmon, and it was amazing delicious. I highly recommend it. We left dinner and headed to a friends condo at the Avenue Condos to pregame before heading out uptown. We bar hopped all night and eventually ended up back in South End at Gin Mill again. After an intense argument with the boys, we agreed to go to Fuel Pizza for late night pizza. The girls wanted to eat at Midnight Diner, but a shooting the night before had everyone a little nervous. Bullets and Bacon don’t mix well.



I met my mom for Sunday brunch to celebrate her birthday that was earlier in the week. The weather was beautiful and perfect for dining al fresco. After lunch, we went to Sleepy Poet for some antique shopping. Sleepy Poet is one of my favorite places to get lost in. Each and every booth offers a unique selection.  I have recently become interested in Blue Willow china. My grandmother had a set that we ate dinner off of every Sunday. She has since passed, and I am working with my Uncle to hopefully inherit the china. Mom and I are on the hunt to find more pieces to add to the collection, including incorporating white hobnob, and green accent plates. We ended up finding amazing green salad plates, cups and saucers, and a serving bowl for $60. I can’t wait until my set is complete! I love that Sleepy Poet offers free popcorn, it’s never good to antique shop on an empty stomach.

Later that afternoon, Matt and I ran a few errands and then treated ourselves to some more BBQ at Mac’s Speed Shop. We lucked out and got the perfect picnic table outside and in front of the band. Nothing is better than a Sunday evening of live music, BBQ, a few brews, and my love.  Being in town on the weekends with no plans sure is nice! Looking forward to a few more this month!


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