Quarterlife Crisis? Upgrade!

John Mayer’s, “Why Georgia”, first popularized the “quarter life crisis”  and really had us all wondering if we were living it right.  At 15, these were just lyrics, but fast-forward 10 years, and these questions are now a reality for me.  I feel like now that I’m in my mid-20’s there are a lot of pressures to figure out my course in life. I spend a lot of time and energy planning how to get ahead in my career, and how to stand out in a male-dominated industry. I think a lot about how excited I am to be married and settle down, but also somewhat mourn the loss of my carefree, early-20’s. I constantly think about when and where I’ll start a family, if I’ll continue to work or stay-at-home. I wonder if I’m doing enough financially to support my dreams and goals down the road. There’s a lot to figure out right now, and it can certainly be overwhelming!

A few years ago I started following Christine Hassler (@christinhassler) on twitter, and also subscribed to inspirational emails from her. She is a speaker, life coach, and author specializing in 20-somethings. She is passionate about busting the myth that life is about living by a checklist and having it all figured out. Christine believes we all deserve and are capable of discovering our passion, pursuing our dreams, and making an impact on the world.

Recently, I received an email invitation to attend a Quarterlife Upgrade Virtual Conference. There are 30+ speakers over 5 days. These are top experts of our generation speaking on topics regarding career, love, abundance, finances, nutrition, parenting and passion. The best part? This event is FREE! To receive your free ticket, you must first register here.


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