Lake Norman Staycation (Red, Red, Wine)

On Saturday Matt and I were at Mac’s enjoying a delicious sausage sampler (my mom is cringing right now) when Matt received a text from his co-workers wife asking what we were doing.  We didn’t have much planned for the afternoon/evening, so they told us to come up to their lake house, and to bring our overnight bag.

Allow me to give a little background about Dave and Beanie. They are amazing. They are in their 40’s and never had children. Beanie is a big shot executive at a bank, but you would never know it. She is the most down-to-earth, hilarious person you’ll meet. She and Dave have been married for 20+ years and have been together since they were 16. They truly live life to the fullest. Beanie works in New England every Monday-Thursday, so they relish in the time they get to spend together. They truly are a couple we look up to because after all these years they are still so in love with each other.

Did I mention that Dave and Beanie LOVE to have a good time? Hence why they suggested we bring an overnight bag with us, even though we live only thirty minutes away. We packed a few things, and got up to the lake around 5pm. We packed a cooler, jumped in the boat and hit the lake. It was an absolutely gorgeous afternoon and the water was perfect. They have all kinds of water toys, and I quickly found out that I’m apparently dating a water sport professional.  Matt skied, surfed, and wake boarded and was SO good – definitely impressed. I attempted to ski but realized I was only embarrassing  myself and quickly got back into the boat. There’s only so many times that you can face plant into the water and keep your dignity. We watched the sun set over the lake and then headed back to the house (mainly because we  had drank all of the alcohol that we had brought along).

photo (21)

Beanie Bird!

Love her!

Love her!

Beanie and Dave had an amazing dinner prepared for us that we threw on the grill and ate on their back porch. Midway through dinner a song came on the iPad that we all loved, so we all four got up from the table and started dancing. This is the carefree relationship I’m talking about that is so amazing. They also LOVE wine. So much that they have a wine cellar in their basement. After drinking two bottles during dinner, we headed down to the cellar for an impromptu wine tasting. Matt and I love wine also, but don’t know much about it. It helps having a guide to walk you through it. They have bottles in their cellar that have been aging down there for decades;  a concept very foreign to me.  The dancing continued in the cellar until our vision was hazy and our teeth were purple. We grabbed another bottle and headed out to enjoy it in front of the outdoor fire place. The laughing, music, and drinking lasted until Matt and I couldn’t handle anymore, and had to go to bed. Beanie and Dave however, stayed up until 3am dancing around the kitchen, I love them!

photo (22)

Dancing the night away

Things got a little weird...

Things got a little weird…

Wonderful hosts!

Wonderful hosts!

Dancing machines

Dancing machines

We woke up with a lovely red, red, wine hangover and headed home to Charlotte to sleep for pretty much the remainder of Sunday. I love spontaneous days that turn into hilarious nights. Matt is so lucky to work with such awesome people, and I am so glad that they are now becoming my friends too. Dave and Beanie are the most generous people, and both have the biggest hearts. It was so nice to get away from town and go “off-the-grid” for the evening.


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