DIY South End Bar Crawl

Friday night we had diner plans with our friends, Stefanie and Deeds.  We are always guaranteed a night of fun when we go out with them. No matter how calm the original plan might be, the night always ends up with a bad round of karaoke at Jeff’s Bucket Shop followed by pancakes, bacon, waffles AND ham at Midnight Diner.

Friday night proved to be no different. Our original plan was to have dinner at Copper on East Blvd.  We had given S & D a gift certificate to Copper for Christmas that they still hadn’t used, so we invited them to come along with us. Dinner lasted almost three hours, and after wine and bottles of Taj Mahal – we decided we weren’t ready to go home yet. Lucky for us, we all live in the South End/Dilworth area and we had walked to dinner. We decided on the walk home, we would create our own version of a South End Bar Crawl.

First stop was the bar at 300 East where we of course were obligated to order a pitcher of The Matilda Wong.  For those of you who are unaware, The Wong is 300 East’s signature drink – so potent the bartender will only serve you two.  We wrapped up our stop there and headed to The Liberty on South Blvd. Liberty was pretty dead at this point, so we ordered a class of champagne at the bar and took it outside to the patio where we  dreamed up a quick get rich scheme. I’m sure at the time it all made sense. The Wong and bubbles must have tricked us all into believing that we actually had some secret capital lying around to become investors. From there we tried to stop by Luciano’s and Sullivan’s but it was past 11pm at this point, and both were looking like they were closing. Tyber Creek is not my favorite, but hey, when in Rome…Tyber Creek was actually a lot more fun than I had remembered. The music was great, and the place was packed.  I accidentally got myself  involved in an impromptu Clemson/Carolina debate that didn’t end so well, so we left, and crossed the street to Big Ben’s. Maybe one of these days I’ll learn my lesson; but it’s hard to keep your mouth shut when you feel so passionately about the Gamecocks. Big Ben’s was closing up shop when we left, so we had a pint there and called it a night.

The walk home was lovely and I think it did our bodies good to walk off some of the alcohol. We are so lucky that we live in such an awesome part of town, and for the amazing friends we get to surround ourselves with! The night is best summed up by the below 7-second Vine. If Friday night was any indication on how the rest of the summer will play out, COUNT ME IN!


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