Daufuskie Debrief

We had the pleasure of spending a long weekend at Daufuskie Island with some great friends.  I have grown up going to Carolina beaches, but had never heard much about Daufuskie. The tiny island is located off of Hilton Head Island, SC and has no bridges that connect it with mainland South Carolina.  Ferries run throughout the day to transport you, and golf carts and bicycle’s are the only forms of transportation on the island. Our friend, Mark, has family friends with a house on Daufuskie, that were generous enough to let us use for the weekend. We had an amazing weekend, and can’t wait to go back again soon!

We left Charlotte Thursday after work and arrived at the embarkation center around 10pm – just in time to catch the last ferry of the day. Our luggage, food, golf clubs, etc. were loaded under the ferry, and we enjoyed a peaceful thirty minute ride to the island under the beautiful Carolina stars.

photo (9)

photo (10)

Once we arrived on the island, we walked over to cart barn where everyone on the island parks their golf carts. Let me tell you, Daufuskie Island must be the most trusting place on Earth, because everyone leaves the keys to their carts INSIDE their carts in  a big open area. Our instructions to find the owners cart were “it’s parked in some pine needles, and has a red, white, and blue lei tied around the steering wheel”. By the time we found the cart and the house (the island is not easy to navigate in the pitch black dark at 11pm) the workers from the island were already inside of the house and unloading all of our luggage. Again, I’m telling you these people really trust this place. Who leaves their incredibly nice beach house sitting unlocked for anyone to enter?  I guess with a population of 250 people, and a handful of deer and other random creatures, there isn’t much crime to worry about. Thursday night ended with one too many Vines and a 3am dip in the pool.


We took full advantage of the fact that we didn’t have to spend Friday in the office, and slept until early afternoon. The guys decided to hit the course and I’m pretty sure Matt was in golf heaven. He had been wanting to play the Haig Point golf course for a while now and was so thankful to be spending his day winning bets out there. The girls had planned to go to the beach while the guys were gone, but got sidetracked. We ended up laying in the master suite’s amazing king bed for about two hours catching up and having much needed girl talk. We finally decided to take the golf cart out and venture around the island. The trip was relaxing and sightseeing was fun, until we decided to stop at the Equestrian Center to pet the horses. After about twenty-minutes of that, we hopped back in the cart only to find it wouldn’t start. Our first reaction? Laugh our heads off. You see, things had not quite gone our way that day. Earlier that morning, the master bath shower leaked through the ceiling of the room below it. The hot tub? Yep, broke that too. So it’s only natural that a fully-charged, seemingly fine golf cart would die on us. Our first thought would be to just wait it out fifteen minutes and then try again. No luck. Our second thought? One of us would steer, and the other two would push. We made it all of 10 centimeters before that idea went up in smoke. Luckily, a guardian angel just happened to be passing by in his work truck and stopped to help three damsels in distress. His name was Don Hunter and he happened to be a house builder on the island. He opened up the golf cart to find that the cart’s largest wire had been completely fried through. Of course it had. Good ole Don happened to have some spare parts in his Jeep, rigged that wire up, and within twenty minutes we were on our merry way again. The best part? The guys didn’t have to cut their round short, and we met some of the islands finest people.

photo (2)

Lazy was the name of the game on Friday, and we finally decided to get out of our jammies around 5pm that night. We showered and headed to dinner at an amazing little place on the island called Marshside Mama’s. This place was the epitome of a hole-in-the-wall. The actually building itself has a tiny little bar, stage, and dance floor. The “dining room” is out back and is eloquently decorated with plastic chairs and tables. The restaurant has only one menu. It’s changed and written daily on a big white board. The waiters set the board up somewhere near your table, you order, and then they take it around to the next table waiting. The seafood was amazing. We ordered the deviled crab, low country boil, AND peel-and-eat shrimp. As stuffed as  I was afterwards, I could have had another three orders, it was that amazing. This place was simple. I’m talking outhouse bathrooms, and paper towel rolls for napkins. After a few rounds of Fireball, we had all loosened up enough to hit the dance floor. The band was also incredible and we left that place a sweaty mess. It is so nice to just hop in the golf cart and head home. No need to worry about who would drive, or if we needed to call a cab.

photo (14)

photo (16)

photo (15)

Saturday we headed to the beach. It was so beautiful and quiet. It was nice to relax. I think I took around three naps throughout the day. It has been a while since I’ve been able to kick back and not worry about anything; and what is there to worry about when you’re staring into the Atlantic Ocean? Later that night we hopped on a water taxi and rode over to Harbour Town in Hilton Head. We had a delicious dinner at a place called CQ’s, and after a few cocktails, the night took a hilarious turn. I believe all of the patrons were glad when we finally left the restaurant. After dinner we walked over to a bar that had live music – my favorite! The first song the band played was “Shout” – which happens to be my all time favorite. After that, we were all glued to the dance floor until the band played their last song.  The night ended with us starting a congo line around the entire restaurant. Well done friends, well done! We hopped back on the water taxi and headed back to Daufuskie, not knowing the adventure we were about to get ourselves into…

photo (13)

photo (18)

On top of the lighthouse

photo (20)

When we pulled up to the marina at Daufuskie, we saw there happened to be a wedding taking place. There was a huge white tent, a band playing Marvin Gay, and an open bar that was calling our names. Any normal adult would probably just take a look, smile, and continue on their way. However, I wouldn’t consider anyone on our trip normal. So what did we do? We decided to “crash” the wedding. Our thought process was that it was almost midnight, so everyone at the wedding was probably feeling good and we would go unnoticed. Wrong. After helping ourselves to a cocktail, some light finger foods, and a few dances, a cousin of the wedding politely asked us to leave. Oops? We laughed our heads off the entire way back to the house, and continued to laugh even more until we fell asleep.  Guess I can cross that one off my bucket list.

photo (17)

Matt and me at the wedding

Sunday we had a difficult time accepting that reality was about to set in, so we delayed the inevitable and went to the beach again for the afternoon. We ended up leaving around 5, and got home and hit the hay after a hilariously fun weekend.

Sam + Kelly: y’all better get to working on our Richard Kuzzie prototype; I don’t know how much more of this office I can take! 


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