Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend was absolutely perfect in so many ways. We have been thrilled to have a few consecutive weekends in Charlotte to relax before our Tour de Southeast picks up again this Thursday. Without further ado, our staycation went a little like this…

Friday: We have been feasting on Matt’s mahi and grouper loot that he racked up over the past few weeks fishing expeditions for pretty much every meal. Friday night was no different, but Matt and I were both feeling a little stir crazy with the week of downpours. We decided we needed to escape the four walls of our apartment for a little change of pace before our 100th fish filet in the past three weeks. We have been wanting to try Vin Master in South End for some time now, and Friday seemed like the perfect opportunity. The neat thing about Vin Master is that they arrange their wines by taste (spicy), not type (Pinot Grigio). They also offer a tasting process where you blindly try four different wines without knowing what they are. You rank the wines from 1-4, and from there the Vin Master will be able to get an idea of what your “wine profile” is, and can recommend wines with those tastes. After a few glasses, we couldn’t help ourselves and ended up purchasing a bottle to bring home to compliment our fish filet (what she order, fish filet). We opened the door to the patio and watched the lighting and storms come through whilst enjoying our bottle of Godello.  It was the perfect  ending to a stressful week.

photo (2)

Saturday: To say I was on Cloud-9 all day would be an understatement. Ever have those days where you constantly keep thinking “life is SO good”? Well Saturday was one of these days for me. The day started at the Kings Drive Farmers Market (the best around) picking up fruits and veggies for the upcoming week. We also grabbed a few extra ingredients we would later use for our dinner. Following the farmers market, we headed to Trader Joe’s to stock up on some wine. Matt and I always act like kids in a candy shop when picking out the wines that will complete our case. We decided we would get four whites, four reds, and then four “others”. We left with a hefty supply that should hopefully last us through end of this week (kidding, kind of). On our way in to TJ’s,  I spotted the most amazingly beautiful hydrangea plant. My love for hydrangea’s is pretty serious. I have always been discouraged because I thought I had to have a yard to plant it in, until I spoke with the florist at the farmers market earlier in the day. She changed my life when she told me that a hydrangea could be planted in a large pot for a couple of years before needing a yard to grow in (start the stopwatch to purchase a house by 2015!!). I convinced Matt that the plant had to come home with us, and made him hold it in the passenger seat like a baby the whole ride home. The plant we ended up purchasing had pink blooms, and I have always loved the blue color plants. GOOD NEWS…pink and blue hydrangea blooms are interchangeable and the color of the blooms can change based on acid level of the soil. I quickly did some iPhone-based research in the car, and then we headed to Lowe’s to purchase a pot, soil, and a handy little product called “Blue Magic” that helps  make soil acidic enough to change the blooms to blue. Along with our herb garden that we’ve successfully kept alive for three weeks now, I’d consider my thumb pretty green by now. After the plantingpalooza, we went to work on preparing our grilled pizzas for dinner. We purchased pizza dough for one pizza, but wanted to try something different for the other crust. We decided on a zucchini crust recipe that had the potential to be really good. The recipe calls for 2 eggs, and we unfortunately only had egg whites to use. It turned out OK, but I think it was missing the egg yolk component to help the zucchini and cheese really stick together. As if the DIY crust wasn’t ambitious enough, we decided to push our domestic-limit for the day, and make our own pizza sauce as well. It turned out amazing! We did one Margarita pizza (using basil we grew ourselves #winning) and one with jalapenos, prosciutto and goat cheese.  Pop those bad boys on the grill for 15-20 minutes, and you have yourself one amazing masterpiece. We paired our pizzas with some wine from Mr. Charles Shaw, and called it a night.  All of the domesticity and excitement of actually being the owner of my own hydrangea plant really wore me out!

photo (7)

Can’t take him anywhere

photo (3)

photo (6)

photo (4)

Zucchini Crust Before

photo (5)

Zucchini Crust After

Sunday: We started the day by “going” to Church…which sometimes consists of turning on the computer and watching Andy Stanley, from North Point church in Atlanta, preach.  We had hoped to actually go to our church here in Charlotte, but sometimes catching it online is the only option. After church, we headed to a high school graduation party for Matt’s bosses daughter. Brownie points? I think so. His boss is hilarious and we always have a great time when we hang out with him. There are times when I forgot that he’s actually Matt’s boss, and not just a friend. His family is also really great, and they have an awesome house with a great yard they just redesigned. The party was pretty large, but we ended up sticking around until most of the guests had left. After quite a few beers, we left right before things started to get weird. Since we were already in the south-side of town, we decided to head over to my parents house and surprise them with a quick little visit. It was nice catching up with them before winding down and preparing for another work week ahead.


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