Friday4 {Wedding Edition}

Stanton Letter

I cannot believe that my sister, Whitney Grey Hewitt, will become Whitney Hewitt Stanton tomorrow. Their three year romance, and nine month engagement have all led up to the big event tomorrow. The planning, scheduling, designing and organizing have all culminated into what will be an absolutely perfect evening! In honor of the big day, I have dedicated today’s Friday5 to all things wedding.

1. Solemates High Heeler: Heels + Grass = Disaster! The Solemates High Heeler is the perfect solution to avoid your irreplaceable Louboutin’s (ok…I’m dreaming. I don’t own a pair) from receiving an irreversible grass stain. No longer fear cobblestone, bricks, grates or parquet floors. The Solemate attaches to the bottom of your heel, increasing the surface area of it, and reducing the pressure it puts on the area, therefore preventing sinking into the ground. I haven’t tried them, but think they could really come in handy considering the ceremony is being held on the outside lawn.


2. Bride and Groom Day-Of Survival Kit: I had a really hard time trying to think of a gift to get my future brother-in-law. He has everything he needs, and guys are hard to buy for in general! I came up with an idea to put together a “Survival Kit” for the day-of the wedding. I had so much fun compiling goodies, that I decided to make a Bride Survival Kit as well. I included items like: extra black socks, shoe polish, 5 Hour Energy, Snacks, Waters, Advil, Tums, Baby Powder, Mints, Sewing Kit, Disposable Razors & Shaving Cream  Tide To Go Stain Remover, Lint Roller, Playing Cards, Oil Wipes, Bobby Pins, Straws, Tampons, Chalk (to disguise stains on the white dress) and of course a Ring Pop (just in case he forgot the essentials). I found some wording online, and created a template to print and put in his basket. To personalize the basket a little further, I had my ridiculously creative friend, Kathleen, create a personalized Jack Daniel’s label to include the grooms name, wedding date and venue location.

Picture 013

Picture 014

Picture 012

3. DIY Personalized Jack Daniels Label: My wildly creative friend, Kathleen, helped me recreate a label that looks EXACTLY like the Jack Daniels label – only personalized with information specific to the wedding events. I love how real the label looks, and love even more that my sisters fiance will be able to keep this bottle as a keepsake and reminder of the wedding weekend. He already said he wasn’t going to open the bottle, but I have a feeling that might change once the nerves might kick in…


4. Personalized Party Favors: My sisters future M-I-L and S-I-L’s have operate a popcorn company in Chicago called, The North Shore Popcorn Company. They make, market, and sell the popcorn themselves, and let me tell you…it is DELICIOUS! The Stanton’s decided to give the popcorn away as party favors as one of their many contributions to the wedding. The enlisted the help from a friend with an Etsy site to create the adorable personalized stickers, and the popcorn ribbon is the perfect final touch. I’m sure all of the wedding-goers will greatly appreciate a late-night snack to take home after a four-hour open bar!

photo (1)


One thought on “Friday4 {Wedding Edition}

  1. I have been looking to create the Jack Daniels bottle like you have myself. Would you be willing to share the template? I would greatly appreciate it.

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