Tee Time & Off To The Races

This past weekend is the only “free” weekend we have in May, so I was expecting it to be relaxing; silly me! We did manage to cram a lot of fun into the past few days, and wore a lot of different hats – literally!

Friday: We kicked the weekend off by grabbing some craft beer from Common Market and walking over to Food Truck Friday to eat dinner. The Food Truck lot was booming, the busiest I have ever seen it!  After finishing our delicious tacos from The Tin Kitchen, we headed to the  South End Gallery Crawl – an art crawl that South End put’s on the First Friday of each month.  We don’t consider ourselves “artsy” people, but the gallery crawl was really fun! I never knew there were so many galleries so close to us in South End. The galleries all had unique feels and a variety of art. We ended the evening by walking to Sullivan’s to meet some of our friends, Jade and Chris for a drink.  They both have had significant accomplishments take place in the past few weeks, and it was fun to celebrate their success! We’re so proud of you J&C!

Picture 003

Picture 004

Saturday AM: We had planned to attend the Wells Fargo golf tournament on Sunday, but due to the weather report, we decided we better go on Saturday if we wanted to have decent weather. Matt and I went to the tournament together last year, and is one of our favorite things we’ve done. It’s so neat to see the golfers you see on TV every weekend, so close up. I have a huge crush on Rory and Webb, and wish that Phil was apart of my family. The weather wasn’t ideal, but I loved every minute of exploring the course with  MRH. It’s one of those events that I can see us making a yearly tradition for a long time!

Picture 009

Saturday PM: Unfortunately we didn’t get to spend all day at the tournament because we had already made plans to watch the Kentucky Derby later that evening. We raced home from Quail Hollow, changed from our fleeces and tennis shoes and into our seer sucker and big hats.  Our contribution to the party were the Mint Juleps, which was an adventure seeing as neither one of us had ever drank or made them. Like any southern woman in cooking distress, I consulted  Southern Living magazine for some recipes.  The recipe called for mint simple sugar, but we decided it would be more fun to make it ourselves rather than buy. I am lucky enough to have a farmers  market that is set up right outside of my office building, so I purchased a plant of mint that we hope to later plant. We decided on the traditional mint syrup, and then also the grapefruit-honey syrup – delicious! We made the syrup’s on Friday night and let them sit overnight so that the mint would have ample time to diffuse in the syrup. Mint Julep’s are actually pretty simple; load a cup with crushed ice and then add 2 parts Bourbon and 1 part syrup. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the Juleps despite the fact that they contained Bourbon ( I had a disastrous run-in with Evan Williams back in college that ended very very badly. It took almost two years before I was able to talk to anyone named Evan without getting nauseous). We placed bets on a few of the horses and were so excited that Orb was one of them!

derby julep

Picture 001

Picture 005

Picture 006

Picture 007

Picture 008

photo (41)

Picture 011

Sunday: As expected, Sunday was dreary and gross outside. We were very glad we had decided to go to the tournament on Saturday. I don’t think I would have been much fun in the pouring rain. We embarked on our typical Sunday tradition, bottomless mimosa’s at Vivace. It’s always easier to convince Matt to go to the mall after a few drinks… and my plan worked  – we headed to South Park afterwards to run a few errands. Later that night, our friends Kelly and Mark invited us over for dinner. The guys grilled chicken, beef and lobster tails – – so good, and Kelly had prepared a spread of appetizers, fresh veggies and fruit, and paleo brownies (that actually tasted pretty good!). Kelly and Mark are the best hosts! And as always, it was great to see our other friends that were also there, Sam, Courtney and Rich. Having a fun Sunday night surely makes Monday morning a lot more bearable!



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