1. REC10 Wireless Range Extender:  You know those annoying #firstworldprobelms that sometimes inhibit your productivity? Like when your wireless router is downstairs, you spend most your time upstairs, and the WiFi signal up there is shotty at best?  Enter Rec10’s Wireless Range Extender! For $70 the extender connects wirelessly to your existing router and extends your current signal, making those hard to reach caverns of your house accessible.


2. OPI’s My Case Couture:  In a strange string of events, I somehow ended up spilling “Lincoln Park After Dark” all over my brand new iPhone case back in 2010, ruining it. Fast forward three years, and now it’s the trend, go figure! My Case Couture and OPI have teamed up to make your iPhone case as fabulous as your summer manicure. The cases come in six of OPI’s most popular colors and as an added bonus, each case comes with a matching mini bottle of polish.  The six colors out now are:

  • I’m Not Really a Waitress
  • Big Apple Red 
  • You Don’t Know Jacques 
  • Dating a Royal 
  • Pink Flamenco
  • Need Sunglasses? 


3.  Sephora + Pantone Color IQ: Going to the cosmetic aisle at Target is overwhelming. There are about a million different options, and how can you really tell if you’re fairly light, or medium light? Not sure why someone didn’t think of this sooner, but make-up giant Sephora, and color experts Pantone have teamed up to create the “Color IQ” technology. The device scans the skin on your face and neck and assigns a Pantone skintone number to it, matching it to an exact foundation in the Sephora database. The database contains over 1,000 options, and can find your match in liquid or matte, radiant to matte. Unfortunately, the closest participating Sephora to me is Raleigh, but hoping it makes it’s way to South Park very soon!


4. Beach Spike Drink Holder: While we’re on the topic of #firstworldproblems, can I take a minute to rant about how terrible it is to have sand stuck to the bottom of your can or bottle at the beach? Or even worse, sand all-up-in your favorite koozie.  The Beach Spike Drink Holder is the perfect beach accessory, and can also be used to hold on to your phone, sunglasses, chapstick, etc. The best part…it’s totally customizable with your monogram, school colors, etc.  Perfect summer gift!


5.  Magic Future: Recently, (ok…the past five years or so) it’s really been on my mind to figure out what my life purpose is, what my goals are, and how I want my future to play out. It’s certainly a lot of pressure, and a large undertaking to figure this all out at 25! I was recently introduced to Magic Future, an online tool that helps you clarify what you want, how to achieve it, and steps to keep you on track along the way. The tool includes a section to help you create habits, visualize the future, and also determine your “MagicNumber” – the age where work becomes optional (fingers crossed its age 26!!). The cost ranges from $9.97/mo to a lifetime subscription of $498.50. I’m not completely sold that I need to pay for something that I could easily do myself with some diligence  but would be willing to try it out if it really could help me achieve my goals faster!

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