Wobble Wedding Weekend

Have you heard of the Wobble? The song was originally released in 2008, but gained popularity in 2011 when a “hustle” (line dance) was created for it.  Nowadays it seems like you can’t go to a wedding or bar without hearing it.  It’s catchy beat and easy-to-follow dance moves makes me wonder if one day my kids will be Wobbling instead of doing the Electric Slide.

Friday we left work early and headed south to Greenville, SC for one of my dear sorority sisters weddings. We got into town and headed to the grooms  grandparents house where the rehearsal dinner was being held. I have to admit, when I first heard that the rehearsal dinner was going to be at someone’s grandparents house, I thought it was going to be a low key evening. Wrong. We pulled up and were immediately greeted by strobe lights and a DJ. The night could not have been more fun! There was a dance floor set up around the pool (dangerous after a few drinks) and delicious BBQ and fixins under a big tent set up in the side yard. The grooms mother, Regina (a hoot!), happens to be obsessed with the Wobble. So obsessed that she hired someone to come to the rehearsal dinner to teach the group how to Wobble properly. What we didn’t know was the surprise Regina had up her sleeve. The Mother/Son dance during the reception started with “It’s a Wonderful World” and then midway  cut to the Wobble  where all the guests flooded the dance floor and joined in…priceless! The brides father also has a signature dance he performed during the rehearsal dinner, Gangam Style , it sure was hilarious! One of the highlights of the night was the dance battle the bride and groom had, complete with the Dougie.  We were there until after midnight dancing and having a great time. It really was a mini-wedding. That’s the way a rehearsal dinner should be done in my opinion, it should be relaxed and fun, and down-to-earth. After all,  all your friends and family are in town, so why limit the party to just Saturday night? Hands down the best rehearsal dinner I’ve ever been to!

image (2)

image (9)

photo (2)

image (6)

Lovely Delta ladies

image (4)

image (3)

Gangam Style

image (1)

Loved the Carolina theme throughout the wedding

image (5)

Dougie dance-off

Saturday was stormy which made conditions perfect for sleeping in til 11am. It’s been a while since I was able to do that, and it was much needed! Once we were up and ready to go, we headed out to get some lunch in downtown Greenville (which is absolutely adorable!).  Laura, from The Reedy Review,  was sweet enough to put together a post on how to spend a Saturday in Greenville. Unfortunately the weather prohibited us from doing a lot of the outside activities she recommended, but we did take her advice and eat lunch at Grill Marks. Both of our burgers were amazing, and I’m pretty sure the Blue and Pimento Cheese fries we ordered are NOT on the wedding diet (oops!). Following Laura’s advice, we ordered the Moonshine Milkshake made with locally distilled Dark Corner Hot Mama Moonshine. Ohmygosh – so delicious!



I have to admit that the ShakeTail got to me, and I had to lay down and take a breather at the hotel before getting ready. I’m not accustom to drinking Moonshine at noon. After the nap, we dressed and headed to the church for the ceremony. Leslie looked absolutely stunning (as always) and the ceremony was beautiful. Afterwards, we headed to Larkin’s Sawmill for the reception. The bride and groom chose “2001” (Go Gamecocks!) as their entrance song – which was a hit amongst all of the Carolina grads in attendance. The band was awesome and we enjoyed dancing until they kicked us out. We were not ready to close down the party, so most of us headed to a bar in downtown Greenville.  It was so nice to have a reunion with all of my old college friends. Getting together with them is always a treat that I value and it makes it very hard to say goodbye at the end of the weekend.

image (8)

My hot date

I am so happy for Leslie and Zach. They are the epitome of a happy and carefree couple. It is easy to see the love the have for each other. They are easy going and always up for a good time. I am thankful that Leslie found such a great man, and can’t wait to see their love for each other grow. Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Smith!


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