Friday5 {St. Patrick’s Day Edition}

New Years, Birthday, Anniversary, Feaster, and now St. Patrick’s Day… the first few months of 2013 have been jam packed with holidays. Here is my guide to making sure you have the most Irish-ly amazing St. Patrick’s Day!

photo (38)

A real leprechaun I saw last year during the pub crawl

1. Green Milk: Each St. Patrick’s Day growing up, sneaky little leprechauns would somehow break into our house the night before St. Pat’s without anyone knowing. Once inside, they would take an entire carton of milk and DYE it GREEN. We’d wake up and head downstairs for breakfast to find that those little rascals had done it yet again! My sister and I were convinced that the milk tasted different and refused to drink it.  Although we would basically waste a gallon of milk each year, those leprechauns were relentless and kept coming back year after year!

Green Milk

2.  Rich & Bennett’s 13th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl: If you live in Charlotte and still have the college gift of being able to drink for 9 hours straight, this is the event for you! The event claims to be the largest pub crawl in the world (although I don’t know if I buy that) and is a great way to try a variety of bars. You pay $20 ahead of time, so cover at the bars is free. Last year we went with a group and just bounced around from bar to bar all day. There are drink specials, if you like beer, but don’t go with the intent on this being a cheap outing. My advice…wear flats and order a water at every bar. It’s a marathon, not a sprint!

photo (37)

3. Get The Focal App: What do you say when the guy at the pub crawl screams “Erin Go Bragh” at you from across the bar? No, he’s not mistaking you for his ex-girlfriend, Erin, and no, he’s not referring to the garment you’re wearing under your shirt.  He mean’s “Ireland Forever“, duh! To avoid an awkward apology after you slap the guy, save yourself the embarrassment and download the “Get The Focal” app. The app contains a massive database of English/Irish translations including pronunciation.


4. “Where Da Gold At?” Video: I could watch this video every single day for the rest of my life, – that’s how much I love it. It’s not St. Patrick’s Day without this riveting report straight out of Mobile, Alabama. This video reminds me to: avoid crackheads, always carry a pencil and paper for rendering amateur sketches, never leave home without my special leprechaun flute to ward off spells, and to rent that backhoe. I want the gold, gimme the gold. 

5. The Trickey Leprechaun Book: This literary masterpiece was written by your’s truly eighteen years ago and continues to grace us with it’s presence every year. If you’re wondering why it didn’t receive the 1996 Pulitzer Prize…so am I. The suspenseful plot…the vibrant illustrations…you’d think it would be New York Times Best Seller’s List worthy? Perhaps it was the misspelled word in the title…? How did my editor not catch that??

photo (36)

“May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light; May good luck pursue you each morning and night.”


2 thoughts on “Friday5 {St. Patrick’s Day Edition}

  1. Thanks so much for attend the Worlds Largest Pub Crawl (it’s true thanks to you!!). We hope you will join us again this year. In fact, I want to buy your ticket in 2014 as a thank you for writing about the event. Email me when you are ready to get your tshirt.

    Thanks again!!

    Bennett –

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