Feaster 2013

“Feaster” (Fake + Easter) was born out of the necessity to create a new holiday that would accommodate many busy schedules. My sister and her fiance made a deal that if they spent Thanksgiving here in Charlotte, then they’d celebrate Easter in Chicago with his family.  My parents couldn’t fathom the idea of not spending Easter together, so they decided we would celebrate whenever Whitney and Bob happened to be in town. We’ve been celebrating Feaster for three years now and each year it gets better and better.

photo (30)

This year we added two special guests, Matt, and Bob’s mom, Donna who was in town for one of Whitney’s showers. Mom prepares the ultimate Easter brunch and it’s one of the few meals during the year that we actually eat in the Dining Room with the fancy china and silver. Following brunch, it’s time for my favorite part of Feaster…the Egg Hunt!

photo (28)

photo (25)

photo (34)

photo (32)

photo (33)

The Egg Hunt has definitely evolved over the years. There used to only be just a few, small eggs, hidden around the house, and they contained coins and dollars. Now the eggs are hidden outside, and in really hard-t0-find, creative places. My dad learned from his mistake, and now a makes a list of where he hid all the eggs. There was a year when he didn’t keep track and there was one lingering egg that no one could find. A few years back Mom discovered medium and large-sized eggs which makes the hunt even better! The bigger the egg, the bigger the gift, right?! This year’s big eggs contained mini-bottles for the boys, and Girl Scout cookies.  There is nothing funnier than grown men running around the backyard with over-sized Easter Eggs! Following the egg hunt, we go inside and search for our Easter Baskets that have also been hidden.  I’ve had the same Easter basket since I was born, and I absolutely love it. I can’t wait to pass it on to my kids one day.  Our Easter Baskets are similar to our Stockings we get during Christmas – they are awesome! We don’t waste space on Cadbury Eggs or Peanut Butter Eggs, our baskets are typically filled with new bathing suits, spring purses, jewelry, make-up, and the greatest all-around gift, the iTunes gift card!

photo (27)

photo (31)

I am so thankful that my parents go out of their way each and every year to make every holiday memorable. As we’ve grown up, it’s harder to get everyone in the same place, but I am grateful that for every minute we get to spend together. Although Fester has come and gone for 2013 , I am looking forward to celebrating Easter with the Helgeson’s and of course, celebrating the real reason for the season!


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