You Can’t Find Love in a Bar, Right?


I’d say we proved that theory to be incorrect – even though we continuously tell our Mother’s that we met on

And beside’s Blackfinn is technically a restaurant – we just happened to be in the upstairs bar area at 11pm on a Thursday night.

Anyways, today marks the one year anniversary of the day the stars aligned, and Matt and I met. It’s was an unlikely twist of fate. A girls night in for me, that suddenly took a digression to uptown Charlotte. A business meeting for Matt that happened to spill over for after-dinner-drinks at the Epicentre. We both ended up at Blackfinn and I’ll never forget the moment I saw Matt and his co-worker walk in. They claim it wasn’t strategic, but they just so “happened” to order drinks at the bar right where me and my girlfriends happened to be standing. After some small talk, we let the guys know that we had scored some free tickets to the Bubba Sparxxx and Vanilla Ice concert that was taking place at the bar across the street. After getting over the initial shock that those two artists were actually still “touring”, they agreed to join. We had to twist their arms to come with us, but honestly who couldn’t pass up free admission to see to such talented performers??

photo (24)

Matt and I ended up standing at the bar talking until they eventually closed kicked us out at 3am. I vaguely remember accusing him of his glasses being fake, and I believe that I asked a few of my standard questions including: occupation, birth order, lake house or beach house, and of course the ever so important ‘middle name’ question. Two particular moments of the night stand out to me. First being his watch. For those of you who know me, you know how much I adore a guy with a good watch. It means they are important and have places to be. It means they have appointments and are accountable. Secondly, I asked him to order me a water, and when I got back to the bar there was a Fiji bottled water waiting for me. Of course tap water would have been sufficient, but Mr. Smooth pulled out all the stops that night.

The first few weeks we took things slow, only seeing each other a few times (which drove me insane!). But eventually things picked up and we’ve been pretty inseparable since then I had a continuously evolving list in the “notes” app of my iPhone that I would update on a regular basis of traits I was looking for in a guy. I can honestly say that I can check most items off the list with Matt. I know it might sound cliche, but for many years I prayed for God to bring someone into my life. We both joke that someone else had to have had a hand in this.

I wasn't joking...I really had a list

I wasn’t joking…I really had a list

So cheers to the guy who won me over with his watch and glasses, Tervis Tumbler collection and passion for SEC football that puts mine to shame, and who makes me laugh every day. Thanks for making the last year of my life the best, I love you MRH!


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