1. OpenTable: If you aren’t using OpenTable, then you must hate free money. You go to their website or their app to make reservations at over 27,000 restaurants throughout the world. The best part is that for every reservation you make, you get 100 points added to your account. Sometimes they run 1,000 point restaurant specials which are huge to capitalize on. Your points eventually accumulate and you can turn them in for dining cheques which can be redeemed at any OpenTable restaurant. 2,000 points = $20; 5,000 points = $50, etc.  I am so obsessed with OpenTable and accumulating as many poitns as possible, that I’ll make a reservation on the way to the restaurant. I realize you don’t really need a reservation at 8pm on a Tuesday at Cantina, but why not for 100 points!  So far I have 2,500 points, but am trying to save up to cash out for a big fat check.


2. Undressed Skeleton Blog: I realize it’s an oxymoron to follow a post about eating out with a post about eating healthy. However, my friend Kelly introduced me to this blog, and I’m hooked. Taralynn from the Undressed Skeleton found herself in an abusive relationship, overweight, and unhappy. She decided to make a change by eating healthy and exercising  and her weight loss results are unbelievable.  I have spent so much time perusing her recipe index. I can’t wait to head to Whole Foods this weekend to try some of them out!

3. Horchow Tortoise Glassware: Have y’all heard of Horchow before? I just recently stumbled upon the site and am so glad I did. They sell all things home decor and at reasonable prices. Lately I’ve been obsessing over wanting a bar. I have had my eye on a particularly amazing acrylic bar cart, that just happens to be a fun hundred dollars out of my price range. So, to satisfy the craving, I’ve been buying other bar accessories that I can hopefully one day  put on my beautiful bar cart.  I fell in love with these tortoise glasses, aren’t they so chic?!


4. Brownberry’s Clear Sunless Tanning Spray: Did anyone else want to crawl inside a hole and die when Lisa called out Adrienne for leaving self-tanner all over her white chair? Umm….embarrassing! If only Ms. Maloof had used Brownberry’s CLEAR Sunless Tanner! Although $39 seems a bit steep, it comes packed with Vitamin D and green tea to help skin look healthy and tan. The best part is that you don’t have to spend your night sleeping on a scratchy towel (am I the only one who does this after a spray tan??).


5. Stick-N-Find: When I first heard about this, there was only one thing that came to mind….MOM! The poor lady is insanely busy and it’s a wonder she doesn’t just collapse on the floor at the end of each day. Because her life is so busy, it makes it very easy to be scattered and lose thing. I cannot tell you the amount of times she has lost her keys. Enter “Stick-N-Find“.  Using Bluetooth stickers (the size of quarter) you can track and find any item, pet, or child. Just put a sticker on easily lost things (keys, cell phone, remote), download the app, and track away. You can set “virtual leashes” on tagged items that alert you when your item leaves a certain range (ex:  it can alert you when your kids wonder away)  and also set an alert when an item reenters a set range (i.e. put it on your luggage so that it will alert you when it arrives to baggage claim).  Genius! I totally think the $70 (for three stickers) is worth it to never feel the shear panic of misplacing my iPhone ever again.


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