Valentines Day 5.


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I undoubtedly inherited the “holiday” gene from my mother. I love holiday’s and I love celebrating! I’m not a huge fan of Valentines Day per se, but it’s a reason to celebrate and a good reminder of how much love I have in my life. Matt completely spoils me pretty much every day of the year.  He is always so good about taking care of me – I can’t tell you the last time I cooked a meal for him, he’s the best! We’ve recently been reading The 5 Love Languages (more on this later) and Matt’s “language” is Acts of Service; meaning his emotional communication preference is through acts of service.  We’ve celebrated a lot of holidays lately (Christmas, New Years, Birthday) and have an anniversary coming up, so we decided we would celebrate Valentine’s with a low-key dinner on Saturday. Taking this all into account, I decided I would surprise Matt with a special Valentine’s Day Breakfast this morning that he would not be expecting.

1. Anthropologie Fluer-de-lys Juice Glasses: Recently I have been really getting into depression glass. I love all of the different color options and it always reminds me of my Grandmother who collected a lot of pieces. I had my eyes on some replica depression glass juice glasses from Anthropologie. Right after Christmas they went on sale and I scooped up 4 smaller juice glasses and 4 larger tumblers for a steal! Since I don’t do much entertaining, and don’t usually eat breakfast at home, I haven’t been able to use them. I am so glad this morning gave me the chance to break them out!

photo (18)

2. Van’s Wheat & Gluten Free Waffles: Because of some recent health issues, I’ve had to eliminate gluten from my diet (kill me now!). Luckily there is a lot of exposure to gluten-free allergies and a lot of great alternatives. I found these wheat and gluten-free waffles at Target, and they tasted great. I don’t think Matt would have ever noticed if I hadn’t told him.

photo (22)

3. Cookie-Cutter Waffles: I knew that I wasn’t going to have a ton of time to make an extravagant breakfast because we had to get off to work, so I stole this cute idea from Christina at Carolina Charm. If anyone knows my mother, then no one should be surprised that she owns five hearts,  lip and cupid cookie-cutters.  I borrowed those from her and used them to make Matt’s waffles into heartfelt shapes. A nice extra touch!

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4. The Dish: I first fell in love with The Dish when I saw the Charlotte, NC platter at Paper Skyscraper. I love the city collection and wish I had one of everything from their Charlotte collection (platters, cups, mugs, popcorn bowls, tea towels). After going on their website I found the have so much more than just cities; political parties, colleges, seasonal, occasions, southern-theme, nautical, states, so many! I think these make awesome gifts!

photo (23)

photo (20)

5. KillSwitch App: For those of you without a special someone today, don’t worry, I didn’t forget about you! The KillSwitch app launched today and would have really come in handy back in my college days!  If you aren’t quite ready to de-friend the d-bag, this app “makes it easy to eliminate your ex’s entire presence on your Facebook timeline — in one fell swoop.   Identify the target ex from your list of friends. The app then crawls your profile for content (photos, videos, wall posts and status updates) linked or tagged with that person’s specific Facebook ID. In the next step, you have the option to delete all the content or manually select and vanquish certain interactions”. The app costs $0.99 and proceeds will go to the American Heart Association of New York.



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