Super(bowl) Sweet Twenty-Five!

This weekend I kicked off my birthday month with a bang!

Friday night Matt and I met my parents for dinner at Soul Gastrolounge.  We went to Soul for my birthday last year, so it’s becoming somewhat of a tradition. If you live in Charlotte and haven’t been to Soul, it’s a must-try! Soul offers an eclectic vibe that matches the Plaza Midwood neighborhood that it’s located in. They serve a variety of small plates, which are all wonderful, but the Asian glazed pork belly tacos served with watermelon are to DIE for.  They don’t take reservations, so plan to post up at the bar while you wait. Upon my arrival, I  was pleasantly surprised with a glass of Prosceco that my sister had called in all the way from Chicago, such a thoughtful gesture! We devoured a lot of small plates, and then I opened my presents. We weren’t ready to call it at night, so we all walked down to Twenty-Two and grabbed another drink. Twenty-Two’s slogan is “art, booze, music, schmooze” – love it! It’s an art gallery that also has a bar inside. I imagine a lot of artwork probably gets unintentionally purchased after a few glasses of vino. My parents called it a night, and Matt and I went to one of our favorite new spots in SouthEnd, The Wine Loft. It’s a small place, but really swanky. You definitely don’t feel like you’re nestled in between a Five Guys and Noodle Company. It was packed, but we were able to find a couple of seats at the bar. Our favorite is the charcuterie platter, and since we didn’t fill up with the tapas at Soul, we decided to place a late night order.

Love the champagne glasses!

Love the champagne glasses!

photo (10)

photo (11)

Saturday morning I woke up early to spend the day with my Mom.  We are both looking for some antique furniture pieces, so we hit the ground running at The Potato Sack.  The Potato Sack is a hidden gem in Charlotte that most people don’t know about. It is only open every other month, and just for one weekend. Items that don’t sell at estate sales and other places come to TPS to be sold. The sale kicked off on Thursday, so most of the good pieces were picked over by the time we got there Saturday. We decided to continue our search by visiting some antique shops off of Remount Rd. and finished the shopping tour at The Sleepy Poet. I have had my eye on a vintage Lucite bar cart from the 60s that is there. I was thrilled to see that the price had been slashed nearly in half since the last time I saw it. I’m still having a hard time pulling the trigger on a $700 bar cart, but it is simply amazing. I’m thinking my tax return money might have to go towards this! Mom and I finished the day with a nice lunch. I love spending time with her, and hate that we don’t do it more often.

I hopped in the shower and got ready for birthday celebration #2, my dinner with Matt. We have a list of restaurants that we’ve been wanting to try, and he surprised me by taking me to E2, located by the Mint Museum Uptown. As soon as we sat down, the waitress brought us two glasses of Sparkling Grüner Veltliner.  My sweet, sweet boyfriend had called ahead to ensure we had the best table in the restaurant, and to arranged a delivery of my favorite wine. We devoured a gumbo appetizer, filet and NY strip and were stuffed! But we couldn’t turn down the birthday treat the restaurant brought out. After dinner we met up with some friends and had a nice night out on the town. Staying out until 2am is not as easy as it was at 24!

photo (12)

photo (13)

Sunday was my actual birthday, and I slept in until after noon. What a nice treat!  I could have probably stayed in bed all day, but had a birthday brunch at Vivace to attend.  Vivace has $10 endless mimosas, and me and my friends took full advantage of it! I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time! Laugh-til-I cried type of laughs!  We left Vivace around 3pm, and some of my friends said they wanted to come back over to my place to “hang out” for a little.  Because I had stayed in bed so long that morning, I hadn’t showered before brunch. Once we got back to my house, my friends were adamant about me showering. I didn’t really see the point. We were just going to a restaurant for to watch the Super Bowl, and I didn’t really care what I looked like at that point. Looking back on it, I probably should have known something was up, but I didn’t ever put two and two together.  I begrudgingly got a shower, and then headed to Matt’s house. The plan was for us to open presents together, and then to head to Taco Mac to meet our friends to watch the Super Bowl. Boy was I surprised when I opened the door to Matt’s apartment to find all of my best friends there screaming “surprise!!!”.  I was in complete shock and so happy to spend the last few hours of my birthday with the people I love the most. Matt certainly outdid himself. He had been secretly planning this for weeks and it could not have been more perfect. He had all of my favorite appetizers (including deviled eggs!!!) cold drinks,  and an ice cream cake to top it off.  My parents were in on the surprise also and it was great to see them there. We placed bets on the game, hooped and hollered, and even managed to fit in a dance party during the power outage. I could not have asked for a more perfect weekend. I love my friends so much and it meant the world to me that they were all there for the celebration. As for Matt… that little stinker has set the bar high! The thought and effort he put behind the party means the world to me. I am so lucky to have so many kind, generous and thoughtful people in my life. Cheers to 25 being the best year yet!

photo (14)

photo (15)



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