Friday5 {Birthday Edition}

CMH 23

If you know me well, then you know I LOVE my birthday, and chances are you (CTB & CEB especially!) love MY birthday too.  It is certainly one of my favorite days weeks of the year.  I wish everyday made me feel as special and as loved as February 3rd does – I am one lucky lady!

1. The Birthday Fairy: My parents are big on traditions, and birthdays are no exception. I cannot wait to use all of their same creative ideas when I have children.  The concept of the Birthday Fairy is that the night before your birthday, once you’re asleep, the Birthday Fairy would sneak into our rooms and bathroom and decorate it. Streamers, balloons, and banners galore!  From the moment you wake up, you’re in birthday mode.  The Birthday Fairy came every year until I went off to college, and she must be one sneaky fairy, because I’ve never actually seen her!

2. The Birthday Cup &  Special Birthday Meal: On your birthday, in the Hewitt household, you get to drink out of the “birthday cup” for all of your meals. The birthday cup is just your average glass, but has lots of fun and colorful ribbons tied to it. I’m not sure where or why this tradition started, but it’s not your birthday unless you’re drinking from the special glass. You also get to pick your birthday meal. Growing up, my parents would always come and eat lunch with me at school, which was always my favorite. Now that I’m older, I still get to pick my special birthday meal. It usually takes place at a restaurant that I don’t usually go to, or my favorite home-cooked meal from mom.

Similar to the Birthday Cup

Similar to the Birthday Cup we have


First legal drink

3. My 21st Birthday Week: This probably deserves its own post, it was that awesome.  I was in the library studying on a Monday night, and when the clock struck midnight, I was 21. I was with my dear friends, Kathleen, Caroline, and Carrie in the library when we decided we needed to give up on studying for the night and go buy beer or something exciting. Unfortunately, the gas station we tried to go to was closed. So the next best option was obviously going to our favorite bar, Pavlov’s. Because it was a Monday/Tuesday, the bar was dead. It was just the four of us. But one of my favorite nights of my college career. We were given pretty much any and every shot we wanted for free, danced on stage, and somehow all got home in one piece that night (give or take a few potatoes and towels).  Unfortunately, I had a test at 8am that next morning, had to get a friend (thanks, Katt!) to DD me to the test, and somehow pulled off an 88 on the test…you only turn 21 once, right?

First time showing a legal ID

First time showing a legal ID

photo (3)

Shots, Shots, Shots!

4. 21st Birthday Week (Continued): Later that week, my parents threw me a big birthday party with all my friends in Columbia. My sister and all of her friends came to town also. It was one of my favorite nights ever. After a soiree at my house, the whole group went out in 5 Points in Columbia.  My Birthday is always around the same time as Mardi Gras, and someone must have brought a mask to the party. A mask I refused to take off all night. Looking back, it probably wasn’t the greatest idea (along with a lot of other things that night)

photo (7)

photo (6)


photo (4)


photo (1)


5. Shared Birthday:  It was a cold February day when I was born. My grandparents were babysitting my sister while Mom and Dad went to the hospital. My grandparents have four, steep, cement stairs outside their house, and Whitney tripped and fell down them the morning I was born. She has a broken nose in all of my newborn pictures…trying to steal the show as usual, hah! That cold day in February also happened to be my grandfather’s birthday. On my Grandfather’s 56 birthday, he got the “best gift he’s ever received”,  ME! I love that we share this special day together!

My grandparents and me this summer

My grandparents and me this summer






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